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One of the most common extension scenarios is the consumption of a backend API by a cloud-based UI. Also, this is one of the simplest extension scenarios which can be used as a starting point to understand the end-to-end landscape setup and for building more complex scenarios in the future.

You can find this scenario as a Mission in SAP Discovery Center

Business Case

A Sales Executive of a company meets different Business Partners/Clients in various locations and wants to use a simplified, custom UI application which can run on a mobile device or a tablet.

With an side-by-side extension you can realize this without having a direct/VPN access to your digital core and provide your end users with a custom UI application which allows to view the details of business partners from the SAP S/4HANA system in a secured manner. Additionally, this use case explains how quickly a new custom UI application can be developed and run, fully managed by SAP BTP and describes the full end-to-end setup needed for a productive extension application.

This scenario can easily be adapted for other use cases like exposing product data, sales orders, or other APIs

Mission Content

This Mission shows all the necessary steps for the productive end-to-end landscape setup with principal propagation by building a simple UI application as a reference, this includes the following steps:

  • Enabling an OData API on SAP S/4HANA

  • Setting up SAP Cloud Connector and S/4HANA for principal propagation

  • Setting up a SAP BTP Subaccount using  Booster

  • Developing of a simple Fiori Application with the SAP Business Application Studio

  • Deploying the application to the HTLM5 repository service

  • Integrating he application into the Launchpad service

  • Integrating the SAP Cloud CI/CD service

The content of the Mission is tested on a regular basis and will be kept up to date by integrating the latest services and features

Solution Diagram