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While SAPPHIRE is over, there is still a lot to digest during the next couple of days, even for us who were lucky to be there showcasing Multicloud architectures, IoT and Machine learning (make sure you've hit "Like" on SAP Developers wh....

MS Azure to host your SAP HANA Express Edition + XS Advanced apps

One of the many relevant announcements at SAPPHIRE was the general availability of the cloud-foundry based environment on SAP Cloud Platform. sven.kohlhaas has already explained how the XS Advanced Programming Model is now available in Cloud Foundry here while Thomas Jung has also pointed us to the right resources on developing XS Advanced applications in your local SAP HANA Express Edition and then deploying into the cloud-foundry based SAP Cloud Platform.

If, like me, you do not have the minimum 16GB RAM in your laptop to run HANA Express with XSA but you still want to experiment in your own HANA instance, you may turn to cloud providers. Added to the step-by-step installation in the Google Cloud Platform with Ubuntu, I am happy to publish the tutorials for Microsoft Azure and openSUSE so you can have another great option:1-

  1. Installing SAP HANA, express edition, on Microsoft Azure and openSUSE

  2. Install dependencies for SAP HANA, express edition, in openSUSE

  3. Extract the binaries and execute the installation script

Looking for the server-only version? There's a quicker path

Our folks at Microsoft have created a quickstart template that will save you all the manual steps.  Be sure to read the blog by Mario Szpuszta for step-by-step instructions on how to use this template here:

Getting started or learning how to develop applications in SAP HANA?

So now that you have your SAP HANA instances, here are some official learning resources, tutorials and training to get you started:

  1. The Developer Center:  where you can find groups showing how to develop your first application in SAP HANA with XS Advanced.  

  2. The sample multi-target app in this getting started guide

  3. Using node.js and Google App Engine to create an application, starting with this tutorial

  4. Using SQL only? Start by connecting to your SAP HANA database with a SQL client and the jdbc driver and you can use the rest of the series to create your own tables and upload data into your database.

  5. Visit openSAP to check on video tutorials like the introduction to development on SAP HANA

  6. Or the HANA Academy to find videos answering your questions while building applications.

As usual, happy coding and see you on or on LinkedIn !