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You have set up the integration of SAP Warehouse Operator App with the SAP S/4HANA cloud system as per the blog post How to get started with SAP Warehouse Operator App V2.0.

This blog talks about setting up business users in your SAP S/4HANA cloud system to be able to use the App.


Create a User in the SAP Cloud Identity Services(IAS)

Please follow the help document to create a User in the SAP Cloud Identity Authentication Tenant.

Note: We will need the Login Name of the newly created user in the further step. Let's use the Login Name as TESTUSER for our setup.


Create a User in the SAP S/4HANA cloud system

In the launchpad of your SAP S/4HANA cloud system search for the Fiori App “Manage Workforce”.

If you are unable to find the App, it means you are missing the required Business Role to access the App.

The Manage Workforce app is part of the business catalog Master Data – Manage Workforce (SAP_BUM_BC_MNG_WORKFORCE_PC). So, in order to access this app, you have to make sure that this business catalog is assigned to your business role.

Create an Employee in the system using Manage Workforce App

  1. Open the Manage Workforce App and click on Create

  2. Enter your Personal Information (minimum requirements)

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Worker ID (Same as the Login Name created in the SAP Cloud IAS)

    • Email (If you want to log on with the user the email must be the same as the email for your user in SAP Cloud IAS )

  1. Optionally you could also create the Work Agreement by clicking on the Create button in the Work Agreement section.

  2. Click on Create to create the Worker.

Create Worker

  1. Once the worker is created, click on the link Maintain Business User on the top right of the screen

Maintain Business User

  1. Enter the Login Name that you created in SAP Cloud Identity Service in the User Name field.

Maintain Business User and Assign Roles

  1. Also, assign the required Business Roles to the user that would be required to access the APIs required for the Warehouse Operator App and click on Save. How to get the required Business Roles is mentioned in the Blog How to get started with SAP Warehouse Operator App V2.0 in the section Required Authorizations in SAP S/4HANA.



When Onboarding to the SAP Warehouse Operator App, you would be prompted to select the Identity Provider to Authenticate against. Select the Identity provider which you have configured in your SAP BTP under the section Security->Trust Configuration as mentioned in the earlier Blog. After selecting the right Identity Provider, you would see a login page to enter the credentials. Enter the user ID (TESTUSER) and the password you have set when creating the user in the SAP Cloud Identity Service.



An overview of the building blocks to operate the SAP Warehouse Operator app with the general system prerequisites, overall configuration steps, and security topics is provided to you under the SAP Help Portal.

Please find the official SAP Help documentation for SAP Warehouse Operator at this link.

In this blog post, you learned how to set up the business users for SAP Warehouse Operator App. I hope that the information mentioned here is useful for you to experience the SAP Warehouse Operator app. Post your feedback about SAP Warehouse Operator in the comments section. Start by visiting your SAP Mobile Applications community page and click “follow”.

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