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Agentry Development Servers in SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)

In SMP, the Agentry product installers (I.e. SAP Work Manager, SAP Inventory Manager, etc) simply create the production zip file (including all the configuration files) to be uploaded by the Management Cockpit of the relevant SMP server.  This means that configuration of the Agentry development server is now the responsibility of the developer. (This differs from the Agentry 6.x installation where the product was a stand alone server and the installer created both development and production stand-alone servers.) 

To set up a Development Server in SMP, please take the following steps:

  1. Install SMP Server and SDK as per the product installation guides
  2. Create your application using the Management Cockpit *
  3. Run the product installer to create the production zip file (The name will vary according to the product that you are installing) *
  4. Unzip the production zip file to a temporary location
  5. Copy all the files from the unzipped folder, except the application folder,  to your application directory under the SMP server configuration folder (\MobilePlatform3\Server\configuration\ "yourApplicationDIrectory")
    • This folder was created by the Management Cockpit when you created your application.  The application directory name will match the name you gave your application
  6. Edit the Agentry.ini to change the key developmentServer to true
  7. Import the definitions into the Editor from the directory where you unzipped the production zip file*
  8. Publish as development to the application directory under the SMP server configuration folder
    • This will populate your development server with the application definitions
  9. Restart your Agentry application (or whole SMP server)
  10. Verify and make any additional configuration changes in the Management cockpit such as timezone, urlPath, etc.
    • If you make any changes be sure to restart your Agentry application (or whole SMP server) again
  11. Verify the Agentry application is up and running ‘I am here!’ by typing the application URL in a browser
    1. You will get the message 'I am Here" if the application is running
  12. Connect your ATE or client to the server

* For details on creating an application,  running the product installer and importing definitions into the Editor please see your product installation guides