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Finally, what has already been available with different cloud products, is now available for SAP Fiori front-end server 2020 for S/4HANA as well: the new SAP Fiori launchpad spaces and pages. You might have already read the blog post Structure the SAP Fiori Launchpad Layout with Spaces and wondered, which parts of it will be available for on-premise and where are the differences. In short: both of the two new SAP Fiori apps Manage Launchpad Spaces and Manage Launchpad Pages are available and there is also no difference in the launchpad from a user perspective. There are however some differences from an administration perspective with regards to role maintenance and activating spaces on the system. Continue reading, if you would like to learn about how to get started with spaces and pages on an on-premise system.

By the way: This is not yet another blog post which describes the spaces and pages concept in detail again, but really aims at providing you the specifics of spaces and pages in the on-premise world. If you would like to first understand the concept itself, have a look at the blog post Structure the SAP Fiori Launchpad Layout with Spaces, which gives you an introduction to the new SAP Fiori apps as well.

How to Access the New SAP Fiori Apps for Managing Spaces and Pages?

In order to achieve the layout of the launchpad on the above images, there are the SAP Fiori apps Manage Launchpad Spaces and Manage Launchpad Pages. You can find them in the SAP Fiori group “Fiori Launchpad” or the new space “Fiori Launchpad” as part of the standard role SAP_FLP_ADMIN. The SAP Fiori tile catalog which contains those apps is the catalog with the ID SAP_BASIS_BC_UI_FLD.

Activate the OData Services

The following OData services need to be activated on the system, to enable the roles which use them, as listed in this table:

You can find more information on the FDM_TRANSPORT_SRV OData service in the Transport Information documentation.

You need to either activate those OData services manually or use the task list SAP_FIORI_FOUNDATION_S4. Please have a look at the documentation for Task List SAP_FIORI_FOUNDATION_S4 in order to get more information on its usage.

Role Maintenance

After having activated the OData services, you can start creating spaces and pages for your business roles, using the apps Manage Launchpad Spaces and Manage Launchpad Pages. Each space you create can be assigned to a business role. This is done in the SAP GUI in the transaction PFCG.

Once you open a business role in edit mode in the transaction PFCG, you find a new option to assign a space to that business role. You reach this option by selecting Menu and opening the drop-down menu of Transaction. In the category Other, select Launchpad-Space. This opens a popup where you have the possibility to enter the ID of your space.

Enabling Spaces

After completing all the previous steps, you need to finally activate spaces and pages for your users. For this we have introduced two new parameters: SPACES and SPACES_ENABLE_USER. Please find a description of how to use and where to set the two parameters in the Enabling Spaces documentation.

SAP-Delivered Spaces and Pages

SAP delivers spaces and pages for many business roles which can be used as templates. You can use them for testing purposes, as well as having a look at how SAP has defined spaces and pages for certain business roles. You can find those spaces and pages

  • in the apps Manage Launchpad Spaces and Manage Launchpad Pages in the overview of both apps, when you select the SAP-Delivered tab.

  • in the transaction PFCG, when you copy an SAP business role. A reference to the corresponding SAP-delivered space will be assigned to the role.

In the documentation for Working with Predefined Spaces and Pages you get more details on our recommendation on how and when to use SAP-delivered spaces and pages.


Spaces and pages are now available for on-premise with SAP S/4HANA 2020. For SAP S/4HANA 1809 and SAP S/4HANA 1909, if the front-end server components are upgraded to SAP Fiori front-end server 2020 for S/4HANA, the tools and features around spaces and pages are available as well. Please note however, that the SAP-delivered spaces and pages are only available with SAP S/4HANA 2020. For more information have a look at SAP Fiori Deployment Options and System Landscape Recommendations.

Further Information

To see, which other great SAP Fiori 3 innovations alongside spaces and pages are available with SAP S/4HANA on-premise, continue reading the blog post Major next steps of SAP Fiori 3 available for SAP S/4HANA on-premise – spaces, central entry point, ...

On top of that, would you like to know more about where all the tools that have been mentioned in this blog post fit in with all the remaining tools that are available for the SAP Fiori launchpad? Then have a look at the blog post SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Overview of tools for maintaining custom launchpad content and layout, which gives an overview of the history of all tools and details on when to use them.