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Today, the Service Request application for HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) customers in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is linked to the incident process: Users must have the authorization Report an Incident if they want to create or display service requests.

Conversely, every user with this authorization is also allowed to request standard and billable services. To separate incident management-related activities and service request management, we have introduced three new authorizations:

  • Display Service Requests

  • Create Services Request

  • Create Billable Services Requests

These new authorizations have been automatically assigned to super administrators & cloud administrators. They give them the flexibility to choose which HEC users can create or display service requests.

The new authorization concept for the Service Request application will be rolled out in stages: On July 5, 2018, the date of our Wave 5 release transport, the new authorizations will become available in the launchpad. SAP encourages user administrators to assign it to their colleagues as soon as possible.
However, for a grace period, service requests can still be created and displayed like today with the authorization Report an Incident.

As of September 27, 2018, access to the Service Request application will only be possible for users with one of the new authorizations. If you are a HEC user administrator, please note that there may be S-users in your organization who will not be able to create or display service requests. You have to identify all colleagues who require these new authorizations, and make sure that their profile has been updated accordingly.

Note: Some items in the service catalog are requested by submitting a ticket. SAP therefore recommends assigning the authorization Report an Incident in addition to the new permissions.
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