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SAP Cloud ALM for Service gives you as an SAP customer a chance to centrally access all information for your support services of the past, the present and the future. It allows you to collaborate more closely with the delivery teams conducting these service and to follow up on the results of these service deliveries.

The following applications are available to support the collaboration before, during and after a service delivery:

  • Service Delivery Center

    • Central access point to all information related to individual service deliveries

    • Includes notes, preparation tasks, attachments, access to service results, access to issues and actions

  • Service Results

    • Detailed online results of service delivery

  • Issues and Actions Management

    • Tracking and management of all issues and actions detected during service deliveries

Prepare for a Service Delivery

Via the Service Delivery Center, you as a customer can find the list of your upcoming services.

You can access the service details for an individual service by selecting the service in the list. These details give you all kinds of information relevant for that service delivery, including preparation tasks that need to be completed for the service delivery.

Via the notes and attachments, you can receive information such as the agenda or the kick-off presentation from SAP. You can also provide your own information relevant for the service delivery and can decide which of this information should be made available to SAP.

During a Service Delivery

During a service delivery you can find preliminary results in the service delivery center. This might include daily status reports and the wrap up presentation as well as high-priority issues that can already be worked on even before the service delivery is finished.

After a Service Delivery

Once the service delivery is completed, the Service Result is finalized by the SAP delivery team. This includes the finalization of all issues identified during the service delivery and all actions recommended by the service delivery.

The finalized service report is forwarded to your Service Delivery Center and can be viewed there.

You can check the content of the service results online or create a PDF version of the result report.

Additionally, all finalized issues and actions are transferred to your Cloud ALM tenant. You can now start working with your issues and actions.



The synchronization between SAP and your Cloud ALM tenant only works if the data transfer between SAP and your Cloud ALM tenant is active. If it is active, service related, non-personal information is transferred from SAP to your Cloud ALM tenant and back from your Cloud ALM tenant to SAP.

The data transfer is initially active, but can be deactivated via an SAP incident on component SV-CLM-SD. For details, please see SAP Note 3401303.


Further Information

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