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Service Availability Management (SAM) reports SLA (Service Level Agreement)-relevant down times of managed systems (technical systems on which business-critical business transactions are performed) based on data which is adjusted by system administrators to match the end user experience. The data is confirmed by IT service managers or other supervisors. The adjusted downtime data is called service outages. Based on this data, several analytical reports are created to give an insight on how the SLA is being adhered to.

Service Availability Management is broadly divided into the following categories:

  • Definition of a service
  • Maintaining outages
  • Reviewing outages
  • Reporting

In this blog you will learn how to define a service for measuring the SLA compliance.

A service definition is the technical translation of the Service Level Agreement between a business and its IT team. It contains details like entities for which the agreement is valid, availability pattern and contractual maintenance.

Let's take an example:

ABC corporation has got 10 systems connected to their SAP Solution Management system that has to be monitored/measured.

The SLA mentions these systems have to be 99.8% available for business on all 24*7 for the next 6 months.

However, to provide patches, on Sunday, 6 hours of downtime is allowed.

Managed Systems :

The IT systems connected to SAP Solution Manager and whose availability has to be maintained is often the first step in service definition


The duration for which a system has to be available is termed as availability.

From the above example, this is how availability definition is done.

Contractual Maintenance:

This is the agreed down time for maintaining the system. It can be defined as discreet dates or as a pattern.

From the above example, every Sunday 6 hours starting from 10:00 AM

SAP Solution Manager can now understand the Service Level Agreement.

In the next blog in this series you can see how to maintain down times (automatically and manually) .