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Ahhhhh.....spring time in the South.   Azelea's, Rhodendron, .....oh, wait.....that's Charleston.   Besides, I never could figure out which is which.   Atlanta?  Hmmmm....besides being the home of the OTHER soft drink vendor that doesn't produce my poison of choice (Antartica's Guarana Zero....I prefer my caffeine concentrated....but since Brazil is anxiously hording its stock of that precious nectar of the gods, I survive here in the northern climes on Diet Mountain Dew....which I understand is illegal in Atlanta).... will be the first site of the re-resurrected ISUG technical conferences - rebranded ISUG Tech (ISUG-TECH : ISUG-TECH Conference, 2014 : Conference Information).

Let me be clear......if you are the type of attendee that:

- Seeing code on the screen causes catatonic shock

- Wants to wander among vendors offering barcode printing

- Wants to learn how to use a particular module of an application to enter sales info faster

....this is NOT the conference for you.

Instead, Stefan Karlsson will be discussing spinlocks on 60+ engines and ASE scalability, Chris Brown will be discussing how to tune RHEL for ASE, Rob Verschoor will be showing how you can move from that OTHER DBMS to one that actually runs without crashing all the time - plus his usual tips & tricks (where does he get those things anyhow??), some engineers who rarely see the light of day will be talking about query optimization improvments in ASE 16....oh, yeah - ASE 16 will be launched there - so undoubtedly a few sessions on that.   They let me sneak in a few discussions around VLDB management and statement cache tuning - I guess they were feeling sorry for me......but hey, I'll take it.

Not only are there lots of great sessions planned - but in usual ISUG fashion, they also have put together a bunch of pre & post conference workshops.   Some of these are half-day and others are full-day.   Yours truly managed to snag a full day slot to teach SRS Internals & P& I just need to channel my inner Irfan Khan (although he is a much sharper dresser and that British accent thing is gonna be tough).   Seems almost incredible that it was 15 years ago that I was in a seat under his tutelage.    My often colleague in crime, Chris Brown is doing a full day session on ASE MDA data analysis - he is building a it will be hands-on.   Joe Woodhouse is going to do a half day session on sp_sysmon plus a bunch of sessions on tuning the housekeeper (hmmmmm...which one?  Hopefully all of them...) and tips and tricks with IMDB.....

You get the point - a virtual smogasborg of deep, hard-core technical discussions that you can't and won't get anywhere else in the world.

Personally???   I am looking forward to temperatures north of seems soooooo long ago that water was a liquid around here.    See you all in Atlanta!!!