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Meet Tanja Franc through this short interview and get a better understanding, why she thinks it’s worth to learn about SAP solutions already during studies and participate at events we are organising for students worldwide. Tanja was a member of team which recently won at SAP InnoJam event in Barcelona organised by SAP University Alliances. It was a Mobile World pre-conference event  - “Run Simple in a Digital World with 5G”, where 40+ students from 14 universities in 11 countries competed to create 5G Mobile innovation solutions using SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Hi Tanja. For the start, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself – who is Tanja?

My name is Tanja Franc and I come from Maribor, Slovenia. I would describe myself as an open-minded, adventurous and motivated person. I like skiing, hiking and hanging out with my friends.  However my passion is to travel, discover and meet new people from different countries, because I believe that the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. I study management informatics and e-business on Faculty of economics and business. I am interested in new technologies and data analytics. Currently I am finishing my master degree.

How have you learned about SAP and gained SAP skills?

I have met SAP solutions during my studies, through theoretical and even practical part, with the focus on SAP ERP. Besides that, we had many interesting presentations from companies who use SAP ERP solution, which was also the main reason I decided to learn more about SAP. I already took some online courses on OpenSAP and participated in some Design Thinking workshops for students and other events organized by SAP University Alliances.

What has been the impact for you in having SAP content at your faculty? Do you think SAP knowledge and skills will give you additional opportunities, either for further learning, certification, or in your career search?

Knowledge about SAP will for sure help me with my future career search and contribute to my CV. As I mentioned before, lots of companies already use the SAP ERP solution, which means they will always search for employees with that specific knowledge to fulfil their requirements. Therefore I believe, that our faculty definitely broaden our horizon with SAP content, because it is always better to have more skills than less.

And what encouraged you to take part at Student InnoJam in Barcelona?

I already participated at SAP Student InnoJam and I really liked it. I got a lot of useful information and experiences, had a chance to work with people who had a different way of solving given tasks, and therefore taught me something new. Besides that, I was spending my Erasmus exchange in Valencia and I wanted to finish it in a different way. I am really glad I decided to participate in SAP Student InnoJam in Barcelona, therefore the last days were well spent.

How would you describe the whole experience and the event itself? What is the most important outcome of this event for you personally?

The whole experience was unforgettable. I met wonderful people and we are still in contact. We were from different areas of studies, which made the whole process, and work on the application itself, even more challenging and interesting. The second part was going back to Barcelona to present our application TANTAXI on Mobile World Congress. This app is SaaS system that helps taxis have accurate information about when and where demand will be, thus increasing their productivity and revenues. For me, this was the biggest congress I have ever attended. Most of all I was impressed to see so many different technologies and interesting presentations in one place. Moreover, I had a chance to network and hear the ideas of great visionaries.

I also had an opportunity to spend few days with the family from my Spanish friend, who was in my team at InnoJam. It was a perfect way, of getting to know Spanish culture, try their traditional food and language. It is difficult to say what is the most important outcome for me because every part of event touched me, and I am really grateful for the new valuable experience.

Would you recommend to other students to learn about SAP and gain SAP skills as a part of their coursework, and attend events such as InnoJam?

I believe nowadays companies are searching for young, well-educated, and confident people, who would contribute to the progress of their business. However, the SAP means additional knowledge that would definitely mean a big advantage in future career and make you stand out from many of other colleagues. Students should take every given opportunity.