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Over the past several years we have witnessed major transformation of the corporate computing landscape driven by the adoption of mobile devices. But we’re still struggling with the need to comply with regulations and internal security policies. Today over 80% of enterprises in North America are enabling iOS or Android devices – initially to receive email, calendar and contact information, and increasingly for more advances enterprise use. 

If the interest in mobility this week at the SapphireNOW conference in Orlando is any indication, the next few years will see an explosion in the development of in-house mobile apps that can shape better business results. Almost every company is already mobile or imminently going mobile. And they’re all building apps. This proliferation of mobile apps is a tsunami that will continue to create a pressure for enterprise IT to not only enable enterprise connectivity, but more importantly to build apps that meet the requirements of the ultimate customers: employees.

Breaking the Bottleneck of Mobile App Deployment

For most organization, the scarcity of mobile app development resources and the lack of general security expertise don’t set up IT well enough to respond to this challenge. There is a lot of work that has to go into certifying that mobile apps meet baseline security policies – it is time-consuming and expensive. The problem is way worse for 3rd party apps, where source code can be impossible to acquire and the level of security built into the app difficult to discern.  IT professionals dream of a way to break the bottleneck of mobile app deployment and scale to meet the challenges of this tsunami. It’s time to make that dream a reality.

Introducing SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana

To help SAP customers deal with the complex world of mobile security, SAP announced a partnership with Mocana, the leader in mobile application security. A new solution was announced today at SapphireNOW in Orlando as part of the SAP Mobile Secure portfolio of products. SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana helps enterprises create “self-defending” apps for iOS and Android devices. The technology is pretty impressive – it automatically wraps fine-grained security and usage policies around individual mobile apps, basically making the app the managed end point. It allows you to pick and choose multiple layers of protection to add to any app. For example, you can easily add FIPS 140-2 certified encryption to protect app data-at-rest and app data-in-motion.

SAP Mobile App Protection lets you implement other security policies, too: for example, you can prevent any app from having information copied-and-pasted out of it, which is very important for data loss prevention. Another very cool feature is that you can enable any app to establish its own app-specific VPN connection with its own security settings to create a private encrypted and authenticated tunnel back to a specific enterprise resource in the cloud or at the datacenter. So instead of connecting the entire device via VPN, you are connecting at an app level.

I could go on and on talking about the great features of this new solution, but you can just as easily read the solution brief yourself. Even better, if you’re here in Orlando at SapphireNOW, stop by the mobile campus to join our Microforum discussions and Demo Theatre presentations on Mobile Security. You can contact me to set up a meeting onsite in Orlando or after the conference via phone.