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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Administrators,


dhimantpatel started Week 6 openSAP course Developing Mobile Apps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform with introduction on


  • How SAP Mobile secure as an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution can help you in

    • network connectivity,

    • Mobile Device Management (MDM),

    • data and Mobile Application management (MAM)

    • Android for work

    • Reporting with SAP Lumira

  • Adding different apps to app catalogs : Commercial app stores (Apple App store, Google play, Windows Phone store) , Web Application, Enterprise application, OS X Config Payload

  • SAP Mobile Place

  • How 'Build Services' can help in mobilizing an SAP Fiori Application


Few key features of SAP Mobile Secure:


  • Helps you run simple :smile:

  • Mimimize BYOD security risks and it helps in minimizing company's data

  • An administrator can define Device level and app level security policies

  • Prevent enterprise data loss


My Findings:


1. Best way to get started >- sign up for a trial account (only for 30 days) here. (@gmail, @yahoo email accounts are also allowed.. thats really great)

2.  Help guide

3. Mobile Secure portal is built on HTML5 technology

4. MDM portal is under Device>Administration (manage devices,pre configure policy)

5. bonus video on SAP Fiori Mobile Service (FMS)

6. Great feature of SAP Lumira BI launchpad to create your own custom reporting (Analytics>Custom)

7. Link to access SAP Mobile place: https://<accountid>

8. For adding any iOS enterprise applications, .mobileprovision file can be uploaded for easier updating (no need to recompile app every time you make a change)

9.Web Applications : shortcut to web resources

10. Mac OS devices (v10.10-10.10.3) can also be managed as well

11. 'App Protection' feature is valid for Enterprise applications and Fiori Apps

12. When i clicked on 'Add more' option for Language, i dont see any other choice than English (US). Is this kind of limitation on trial version?



13. 'Deploy as Android for Work App' option was disabled by default.


You have enable 'Android For work' first. (device > SETTINGS>Android For work settings)




Owner info: A co-owner can be the one who has either AppCatalogAdmin or App Publisher roles

Trial Users : Only the users who have mobileplace user roles (Manage Apps> supported platforms> Edit platform > Trial users> Add user)


(Users and their roles are maintained under Account>>Users)



15. Unfortunately, adding an SAP Fiori application option is yet not available on trial. (will be available very soon)

16. Supported platforms for SAP Mobile Secure and SAP Mobile Place:


Platforms SAP Mobile Secure SAP Mobile Place
Android 2.3.x, 3.x,4.x,5.x,6.0 4.0.x to 5.1
iOS 6.0.1+ to 9.1 6.0.1+ to 9
Windows Phone 8,8.1,10 8,8.1,10



17. Managed user vs Unmanaged user in SAP Mobile Place


(Ref. openSAP)


18. Android for work: How to setup Android for Work in SAP Mobile Secure

Authentication canceled or failed too often.


19. Mocana: Wrap an enterprise application with security and usage policies to help protect data, limit usage and control access.

Android: 4.x+

iOS: 7.x+

20. Recommendation resolution for app icon is 76px X 76px and for  banner image is 1024px X 230px

21. The app binary must be smaller than 250 MB (for Enterprise app)

22. One option at a time: Deploy to managed devices only OR Accessible to unauthenticated users

23. You can Invite anyone to Mobile Secure (Account > Users>Add) and assign them relevant roles as mentioned in step#14.



Thank again to instructors jeff.gebo dhimantpatel and project manager torsten.hams . Great job, well done!



You can ask your queries in discussion section of this course.

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