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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Discover the latest functionality delivered in Q2 2023 for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) users. This update introduces features that enable you to leverage multiple custom identity providers within your global account, providing new opportunities for a user administration independent from SAP ID Service. Let's delve into the benefits and improvements that come with this update.

As announced in the Roadmap Items:

We offer now enhanced User Administration and Usability:

  1. Dedicated Login URLs: Now, you can provide dedicated login URLs for SAP BTP cockpit to different user groups, allowing them to access specific Identity Authentication tenants tailored to their needs. This ensures a seamless and personalized user experience.

  2. Fallback Tenant with customer-managed administrators: With the option to add up to three Identity Authentication tenants, you can now have a fallback solution in place, equipped with customer-managed administrators. This adds an extra layer of flexibility and resilience to your user management process. For more information, see Bringing Your Corporate Identity Provider for Platform Users Feature Set B.

  3. Improved Usability: By leveraging custom domains of the Identity Authentication tenants, platform users in SAP BTP can log in using a custom domain. This offers a streamlined experience, where users consistently see the same Identity Authentication URL and benefit from single sign-on (SSO) once their session is established.

  4. Improved federation approach: We now offer federation support for account management, allowing for the dynamic assignment of platform authorizations based on user attributes such as groups. With this enhancement, you can manage administrators in your platform identity provider, streamlining the authorization process. For detailed instructions on how to map role collections in the subaccount, refer to the documentation about mapping role collections in the subaccount.

Make use of the enhanced user administration and usability with the latest functionality delivered in Q2 2023 for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Unlock the potential of multiple custom identity providers, dedicated login URLs, custom domains, and improved federation support. With these advancements you can streamline your user management process, provide a personalized user experience, and strengthen security measures.