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Hello, we have discovered an issue with the Search functionality in the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 solutions "SAP Solution Manager 7.2: Design and Build in your SAP S/4HANA Planning Phase" and "SAP Solution Manager 7.2: Test Drive Content Activation of a Customer's Own Documentation."

This issue affects all instances created from these two SAP Solution Manager 7.2 solutions. You may see errors such as "Cannot determine HANA version for connection ESH" or "An error occurred when executing a search."

As these two solutions were created from the same master system based on the Ramp-up version of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 (initially SP00, then 01 and 02), some issues were to be expected. However, this issue stems not from a bug, but from an configuration error.

The Search functionality accesses the SAP HANA database with user ESH, which normally has an indefinite life span. Unfortunately, this user life span was set to a limited duration, which is now exceeded. As a result, the error occurs on any instances created from these solutions.

However, we have just sucessfully tested a simple fix to this issue that can be done from an OS command line. If you access the OS level of your SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SAP CAL instance, you can execute the following command at the root level, where you will use the master password of the instance in place of the text MASTER PASSWORD in the command line below:


To access the OS level of your instance, download the key file from your CAL tenant, and use it with a terminal client like PuTTY.

After the command is entered, we found that the Search worked properly again, without needing to reboot the instance. The SAP CAL team is incorporating this command into their creation script, so that new instances will automatically have the fix applied. We have already corrected this for any new SAP Solution Manager 7.2 appliances.

Note that this issue does not affect any solutions based on SAP Solution Manager 7.1.