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When running the framework signing script distributed with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, some developers with multiple Apple Developer Team accounts may encounter the issue:

Apple Development Identity is Ambiguous. Multiple Certificates are found in your keychain for identity Apple Development

The brute force solution is to delete the non-essential conflicting Apple Development certificates from your macOS Keychain.  But, if you have distributed apps using the signing certificate and cannot revoke it, or frequently switch accounts, you should not delete the certificate.

In this case, the best solution at this time is to specify the specific certificate which should be used by the 'codesign' tool directly.  To do this, open the Keychain Access system app, and select the certificate you should use for signing.

Double-click on it, then scroll to the bottom of the details to grab the SHA-1 fingerprint.

Then in the python script, modify the line (79) where the 'codesign' command is called, to take the fingerprint as a string, instead of the script-derived signing identity.

if self.sdk.startswith('macosx'):

    binaryPath = frameworkPath + "/" + framework + ".framework/Versions/A"

    print "Signing binaries on path : " + binaryPath

    codesignCommand = ["codesign", "--timestamp", "--options=runtime", "--verbose=2", "--force", "--sign" , "43 47 20 5E D6 A7 BF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EB 67 1F 50 C3", binaryPath]

You should be able to build for Mac target, without a script error.