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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Developers,


Week 4 openSAP course Developing Mobile Apps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform was started with 


  • Introduction on HCP and Mobile services,

  • different security options (Basic, SSO),

  • deep dive into Kapsel plugins, how to setup cordova enviroment

  • Online, offline, Flush, Refresh concept in a mobile application development

  • Deploying an app to Emulator, device.

  • Push notifications



My findings:


1. I always test on-boarding flow, CRUD operation via REST API App development prior to test in a mobile device(Tools required: Advanced REST Client /POSTMAN 3.0/Fiddler)

2. Secure Hybrid Landscape: Cloud to on-premise

3. Watch replay of TechEd live on HCP and its mobile services, upcoming features.

4. If you dont have a corporate identity management infrastructure, use SAP ID service.

5. User authentication against HCPms? Its your choice. None, Form,  Basic, Certificate, OAuth (Reference)

  • Basic Authentication: Against SAP ID service

  • FORM : Connecting to Idp with SAML 2.0

6.Authentication to backend system? Again, its your choice. Options are:


7. skim SCIM protocol is for providing BASIC auth against the back-end system (on-premise). Its not activated on TRIAL account. I wish there could be some demo or exercise on this feature.

8. Best guide to learn on Kapsel concept . Everything is here. A ton of thanks to daniel.vanleeuwen.

9. Cordova platform add ios/android/wp8

10. Kapsel cornerstone plugin - Login Plugin :smile:

11. RegisterForNotificationTypes>Going to kick off push notification process

12. Hybrid Templates are provided for:

  • SAPUI5 Master Detail Kapsel Application

  • SAPUI5 Mobile Kapsel Application project

  • SAPUI5 Master Details with Photos

  • SAPUI5 Master Detail Kapsel Offline Application

13.  There is a dependency on LOGON MANAGER kapsel plugin for other plugins like AppUpdate, Logger, Push, AuthProxy, Offline OData, End to end trace

14. Deploying an App to an Emulator/Device >Run on Android &iOS, support for Windows devices in future

15. Push notifications are game changer for mobility, brought mobility to a whole other level ~ Jeff

16.  Correct URL to on-board a user on HCPms:


17. Before pasting the payload in the BODY section of REST client, make sure it has formatted correctly. Free Online XML Formatter -

18. HCPms host to be passed in Project Settings>Device Configuration : hcpms-<SCN id>

19. Remove <GCM sender ID> from the code given for push notification in case of APNS. Leave an empty string ("").

20. Highlight the given code in the web ide by right clicking>Beautify.

21. Google Developers portal for Android: Add Google Services &amp;nbsp;|&amp;nbsp; Google Developers


22. To see PREVIEW options: Right click on index.html not project name.

23. Sometimes this url can help you if you are behind a proxy. Check your proxy settings |

24. Preview vs Run

Pre-requisite: You must have configured device properties.

(Ref: TechEd session)


25. Deploy a hybrid app to HCPms or SMP so that  app updates can be pushed to a registered device with the kapsel AppUpdate mechanism. (Only the HTML5 part of the application will be updated in the mobile app, no need to reinstall or update the entire mobile app)


    • You must have selected AppUpate and Logon Manager Kapsel plugins in DEVICE configuration for the project.

    • Mobile App must be installed on the device and registered in HCPms/SMP (prior to be able to deploy)      


Thanks jeff.gebo and entire openSAP team for this valuable course.


You can ask your queries in discussion section of this course.


For more info,follow

SMP and HCPms: SMP Developer Center

SAP Web IDE, SAP HAT : SAPUI5 Developer Center

SAP HCP : SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center

SAP HANA Cloud portal: SAP HANA Cloud Portal



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