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The digital economy is accelerating exponentially, and digitization is disrupting how businesses operate. Especially during these unsettling and uncertain times, the capacity of adapting and changing quickly is mandatory for almost every business.

To support companies embracing these challenges that require immediate innovation SAP provides a place for customers to start their adoption journey on the SAP Cloud Platform by discovering pre-defined use cases and by supporting implementation projects.

The SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center

How the SAP Cloud Platform helps you to jumpstart innovation

The SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center helps you to turn your business pain points into innovative success. It offers clearly defined paths to run your projects on the SAP Cloud Platform. These structured paths are called missions. The missions offer use case descriptions and solution diagrams. They show the required services for your use case and a step-by-step guidance and coaching for your project.

The missions were created by SAP experts and SAP partners and clearly show the business value of your use case.  They provide the latest information that is needed to execute your project efficiently.

The SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center also provides the SAP Cloud Platform Service Catalogue and cost estimator supporting you to capture the full technical and financial dimension of your project.

The Discovery Center mission board guides you through your project with tailormade information consisting of technical documentation, videos and other formats.

Currently the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center offers 100 missions for our customers. This portfolio is continuously developed further by our experts and partners. The missions not only support you to execute your project but also provide inspiration for breakthrough use cases on the SAP Cloud Platform.

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