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In this blog post I will outline the pros and cons of the solution types Scalable Solution and Solution Template (new with Feature Pack 4.0). As you may know, solution templates allow you to create reusable solutions that can be imported into customer-specific-solutions.

This blog post should help partners or customers that work with the SAP Business ByDesign Studio to decide whether they should use scalable solutions or solution templates.

Generally the decision is easy. If you want to create a solution for many customers you use solution type Scalable Solution. If you want to create a solution for only a few customers you use solution type Solution Template.

In my experience, working with solution templates is much easier than developing scalable solutions. The major and essential point of this statement is the different approach to deployment. In contrast to scalable solutions, you can import solution templates into customer-specific-solutions and trigger deployment to different systems yourself regardless of any SAP service agreement or downtime windows.

On deciding which solution type to use, please consider the following points:

FeatureSolution TemplateScalable Solution
Supported Content Types

No support for key-user functionality (forms, reports, mashups) and BC sets on SAP BCOs. However, as the templates are copied into customer-specific solutions, it is possible to add these content types there.


CopyFor testing purposes, to fix a project, and for milestones.No support

Cannot be used in the productive environment.

Before they can be used in a productive tenant, you have to import them into a customer-specific-solution.

You trigger deployment of a customer-specific solution by using the download/upload functionality in the SDK.

Only possible for one customer at a time.

You trigger deployment, SAP then executes it.

Coupled with the SAP patch lifecycle, for example, every two weeks.

UpgradeExport and import to tenants with the same or a higher release.You need to trigger a solution move.
PatchingOnly possible for one customer at a time

Simultaneously to all customers.

Coupled with the SAP patch lifecycle, for example, every two weeks.

Support for Sales OnDemandYesNo support at this time.
Support for Financials OnDemandPlannedNo support at this time.
SAP Store ListingYesYes