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Hope you have been enjoying your lumira journey so far, 1.29 release comes loaded with many features that have been awaited for quite some time now. One of them is saving lumira documents without data.

Lumira allows you to connect to multiple sources, and some of them like HANA, BW and Universe supports row level security i.e. users may have different authorizations on the same data set. In such cases, when a user creates lumira document they acquire only the data they are authorized for, this is fine as long as they are looking for insights or building stories.

However, when they want to share their analysis with others - they expect lumira to load the data based on respective user's authorization and then present the lumira document. This will be possible with 1.29. Note that if you have used Hana online i.e. 'connect to SAP HANA' then save without data is not relevant for you. As in this case lumira documents are always without data.

With 1.29 release, user would have an option to save the lumira document without data. This option is available when saving the document to the following locations

  • Locally
  • SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform
  • SAP Lumira, server for Teams

When such a document is opened on server or locally, it automatically tries to re-load the data from the source with authentication and authorization of the user opening the document.

For cases when lumira document uses multiple sources - for instance data sets coming from BW and FHSQL source like Teradata (Yes, Teradata 14.1 and 15.0 is supported with 1.29), you will still have the option to 'save without data', however only the data from BW would be purged before saving the document. And on opening such a document all the sources would refresh on open.

These lumira documents contains no data till the time a user explicitly saves them with data. For instance, if you are modifying such a document on lumira server for BIP and choose Save, it would save the document with data loaded when you opened the document. If you wish to save just your changes and not the data then you should click on 'Save without data'.