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What is SAP Build Code?

Last year SAP launched SAP Build to empower business experts to build applications, automations and business sites. This year the Build family is being expanded to provide a powerful shortcut to cloud application development with the introduction of SAP Build Code: Why SAP Build Code is a Game-Changer for SAP Developers.

SAP Build Code unifies essential application development tools like SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), and SAPUI5. It is powered by generative AI copilot Joule AI-productivity tools, enables interoperability with ABAP Cloud and facilitates seamless collaboration with SAP Build low-code solutions, while providing robust governance and lifecycle management features.

SAP Build Code to follow best practices of SAP

SAPUI5 in SAP Build Code

SAPUI5 is included in SAP Build Code. Developers can continue using SAPUI5, UI5 Web Components, UI5 Tooling, SAP Fiori elements, and SAP Fiori tools to develop an SAP Fiori user experience ready for enterprise use. For this, SAPUI5 is the underlying Web UI technology. As part of the SAP Build Code road map, SAPUI5 will see further enhancements, detailed out in the SAPUI5 Road Map, making development easier to start with and more efficient. SAPUI5 lets business users experience a modern and consistent user experience across SAP solutions and beyond.

To understand the offerings in the context of SAPUI5, the upcoming sections give an overview and latest highlights:

SAPUI5 itself

SAPUI5 is a JavaScript framework and UI library that helps developers create cross-platform enterprise-ready web applications in an efficient way. It features more than 500 UI controls aligned with the latest SAP Fiori design guidelines and comes with built-in support for data binding, routing, message handling, and more. With these capabilities, SAPUI5 continues to be SAP’s strategic UI technology for Web.

Develop efficiently using TypeScript

Applications built with SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori elements can now make use of TypeScript. TypeScript adds a modern development experience for professional developers, minimizing coding effort and improving code quality.

Extend SAP standard apps

SAPUI5 flexibility provides capabilities for business users, key users, and developers to extend SAP standard applications built with SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori elements. One highlight is extensibility for ABAP Cloud, allowing developers to create SAPUI5 adaptation projects in SAP Business Application Studio to adapt SAP S4/HANA Cloud. These extensions go beyond what is possible with key user tools for achieving a highly customized user experiences while keeping the SAP S/4HANA core clean.

Utilize the flexible programming model in OData V4

SAP Fiori elements for OData V4 includes support for the flexible programming model. You can create apps using building blocks, which gives the ability to combine reusable, pre-built components with freestyle SAPUI5 code.

Benefit from UI5 Web Components in any web technology

UI5 Web Components provide SAP Fiori design and enterprise qualities, well-known from SAPUI5. As a lightweight implementation following the Web Components standard, UI5 Web Components provide a future-proof implementation of UI elements, suitable for any UI technology like Angular or React. A consistent user experience can be realized across all SAP solutions.

Follow the SAP Fiori design evolution

SAPUI5 and UI5 Web Components are the reference implementation of the SAP Fiori design with its guidelines for the visual and interaction design. Latest updates to the Horizon visual theme provide a better user experience with several improved features.


SAP Build Code revolutionizes development, uniting essential technologies and tools for a seamless developer experience. SAPUI5 and UI5 Web Components continue to be the reference implementation of the SAP Fiori design system, providing an efficient development experience in SAP Build Code. Explore more details on the SAP Community topic page of SAP Build Code.

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