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It is with immense pleasure and a deep sense of gratitude that we present you the report out from the SAPPHIRENOW 2017 - ASUG Preconference - Connecting Things, People, and Processes for Live Business with the Internet of Things.

The following is a blow by blow of what happened at the ASUG preconference.

Kicking things off with some house rules we dove into the core of the preconference to understand the audience profile and the needs that the preconference could serve for the audience in terms of all things Internet of Things.

We had a good mix of IoT practitioners and non-practitioners beginning their journey with IoT in their enterprise and looking for guidance on where to start and how to make the most of the initial adventures with IoT to create convincing pilots outlining explicit business value for the C-suite of their respective organizations.

The collection of thoughts was captured on the whiteboard as the following:

Industrial Internet of Things

  • Connected Assets

  • Connected Manufacturing

Internet of Everything

  • Serving the consumer/customer in the moment

Internet of Things Platform

  • End to end architecture of the Internet of Things incl. business systems

  • Platform Components from SAP

  • Mobility and the Internet of Things

Kicking us off was Tom Raftery with a quick look at the art and the roadmap to the possible with the Internet of Things in 2027. It was an eye-opening talk for audience members about how IoT is going to pervade all aspects of life in the years to come and there will be no escape due the to benefits to humanity enshrined within the technological offerings.

The stage was then taken by Nils Herzberg in talking to the present-day reality of SAP Leonardo Internet of Things across various domains like the industrial internet of things, the internet of everything and the platform components needed to bring all the systems of record and systems of innovation together into a single continuum, something that a very very few players can do for enterprises looking for a disproportionate leverage from the use of technologies like the internet of things.

We moved the program on to the platform topic with Christoph Inauen and the team taking the stage to talk to the audience about all things that make up the componentry that drives the Internet of Things from a platform perspective across the different layers as outlined in the diagram below.

We would like to thank all the team members, Hicks, Bryan; Yamssi, Merlin; Ertel, Marco; Green, Russ; Ritchie, Joann; who made a tremendous effort to prepare and present the content, demonstrations, customer stories to the preconference audience about all things SAP Internet of Things platform.

The stage was then handed over to the Industrial Internet of Things team led by Stephan Brand to talk the audience through topics like connected assets, connected products and connected logistics that form the heart and core of Industry 4.0 and the inner working of all manner of enterprises that are making and creating the next generation of assets, products to power humankind across multiple industries like discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and related industries.

We would like to thank all the team members, Gandhi, Rakesh; Caswell, Bob; Pierce, Ken; Hoyer, Anne Mette; Erasmus, Pierre; who made a tremendous effort to prepare and present the content, demonstrations, customer stories to the preconference audience about all things SAP Industrial Internet of Things.

Last but not the least was the team talking about the Internet of Everything led by Pushkar Ranjan talking about topics related to connected markets, including a very valuable session with Rafael Costa from STARA, a provider of IoT powered agribusiness solutions from Brazil, talking about the power of SAP solutions in the realm of IoT helping them address their customer needs in the moment. Other topics that were covered belonged in the realm of connected Infrastructure and Connected People.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team members, Pierce, Ken; Costa, Rafael and Ranjan, Pushkar; who made a tremendous effort to prepare and present the content, demonstrations, customer stories to the preconference audience about all things SAP Internet of Everything.

SAP wanted to provide audience members with the following outcomes:

  • Meet experts from SAP that help bust myths surrounding IoT, industrial or otherwise, and make IoT real for both serious practitioners and people coming to grips with what IoT means to them

  • Proof points that show how IoT fits into the enterprise to connect people and things to business processes and excellent organization performance

SAP was provided excellent feedback by audience members for the efforts made at the preconference to show the promise of the internet of things and its fit to the needs outlined by the audience members across connected manufacturing, connected assets, setting up and end to end internet of things platform in synch with SAP enterprise software solutions and the ability to address customers and consumers in the moment with the leverage of mobile technologies on the back of solutions powered by the SAP Leonardo Internet of Things.

The content shared with the audience is available at this link on the SAP Leonardo International Focus Group (iFG) Jam community. You're invited to join the SAP Leonardo International Focus Group (iFG) community for customers, partners, and experts. Get exclusive access to webinars, best practices, thought leadership, product feedback, and peer-to-peer insights to support SAP Leonardo implementation, innovation and adoption initiatives. Register here:

In case you are unable to access the content then please make it a point to join the SAP Leonardo International Focus Group via the link above.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.