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There will be a number of interesting announcements / releases / unveiling at


                    SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid in the Cloud Campus.

The biggie is Ariba joining the SAP Cloud Solutions Family.

There will be news around SAP's Social Collaboration with SAP Jam (Project Robus) in the run-up to SAPPHIRE. You will be able to see the solution in action at the event.

One of the feathers in the SAP Cloud Solutions cap will be SAP Finiancials OD - check out this short video :

Chria Horak's favorite moment (as a musician) is second 6.5 when the D-flat minor chord hits and we get the animation of the iPad - what did you think? Goosebumps?

There will be numerous blogs and posts on the various SAP Cloud Social Channels before the launch - so keep an eye out (follow @SAPCloud) . A good example is the blog by Chris Horak : SAP Financials OnDemand .. A Primer .

SAP Social OnDemand and SAP Social Analytics will bring a number of Customer References to SAPPHIRE NOW. Well known names ... be sure to look out for them during the sessions.

SAP Sales OnDemand and SAP Travel OnDemand has had good successes with their solutions oin the market and will be sharing their experiences and especially the benefits their customers reaped with you during SAPPHIRE NOW.

   and of course SAP Netweaver OnDemand, the SAP PaaS solution has been receiving loads of media attention ... be sure to come and see what the fuss is about ... and why you should be starting to think about your platform ...

and hopefully SAPPHIRE NOW and Cloud will now be top of mind ... if not ... read on ....

    you should have stuck with SAPPHIRE NOW 🙂

    cheers Schalk