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After generating lot of energy in Bjoern's keynote yesterday to bring him back to the future, TechEd officially started today. Here is a quick recap of all the activities happened today and some of the top picks for tomorrow(Wed 9/21)

Customer keynote by Irfan Khan:

Day started with Irfan's customer keynote. The main focus of the keynote was how customers run their businesses faster, simpler and smarter using SAP technologies. Irfan mentioned that "Everything we are doing is with Cloud in mind".Further he mentioned that SAP is evolving such that every application will be extended or integrated using HANA Cloud Platform PaaS environment.

Irfan brought in 4 customers from different industries who shared their experiences of using different SAP technologies.

1. Lenovo:

Brian Connors, VP - Next Generation Infrastructures & Business Development at Lenovo, mentioned that this 30 year old company needed to simplify supply chain and increase pace of business. They started with SAP HANA in 2012 and now they have largest SAP implementation in Aisa.Now Lenovo now has broader capability to manufacture, more predictability & customization w/ l#SAPHANA. Lenovo saved $50M in transaction costs and became 45 times faster in migration reporting using #SAP #HANA

2. Epsilon:

Steven Bernstein, Epsilon, mentioned that this 50 year old company wanted to transform business in digital economy and they are using HANA Cloud Platform for that. HCP gives agility & insights to existing employees and citizen data scientists. He stressed out that " Making the results live impacts relationship with customers" and HCP enables realtime interaction with customer data. Epsilon runs SAP HCP and SAP BusinessObjects Lumira to drive customer engagement, action, & agility.

3. Noble Corp:

Mary McLemore, IT Manager, Business Analytics, Nobel Corp mentioned that with the use of BW/4HANA, Noble Corporation gets an Inventory snapshot on the fly. They ran one POC where they where able to run the report for 1 fleet in 1 sec that previously used to take 35 secs. Also they find Huge value proposition on integrating contractor data with operators of fields by using BW/4HANA.

4. ConAgra Foods, Inc:

ConAgra Foods, Inc. wanted to make some useful insights from huge amount of data. Today, they use HCP and BusinessObjects Cloud in order to generate meaningful business insights from the data gathered from different data sources and make business decisions.

Irfan also talked about the latest launch of BW/4HANA. He mentioned that it is Next Gen high performance data warehouse that optimizes & simplifies BW environments. There are 3 main advantages: Access, experiment, algoirthmic processes with data.

Lectures and hands-on sessions:

There were lot of lectures, hands-on sessions and networking session running throughout the day that focused on HCP. Here are glimpses from some of those session:

- DEV101- Jenny Lundberg and Dan Lahl talking about HANA Cloud Platform, Roadmap

- DEV260- Full house hands-on session by Pankaj Kumar and Xiaosheng Lu- Focusing on S/4 HANA Extensions

- DEV261-Hands-on session focusing on extending SuccessFactors solutions using HCP by Michael Phorn

- NET38849: Accenture Executives Talk About Healthcare App on SAP HANA Cloud Platform- With Hamsa Buvraghan


Showfloor opened at 11:30 AM and customers and partners were excited to meet HCP experts there.There were couple of interesting demos as well such as Smart Building,

Top Picks for Wedneday (9/21)

Header 1Header 2
8 AM to 9 AMDEV203: Developing Cloud-Native Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
8 AM to 9 AMDEV118: Extending Collaboration Services with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Jam
8 AM to 10 AMANP262: SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP BusinessObjects Cloud - In Action
8 AM to 10 AMDEV260: Hands-on session - Extend Your SAP S/4HANA Using SAP HANA Cloud Platform
8 AM to 10 AMINT262: Use SAP API Management to Integrate and Expose APIs from SAP Applications
9:15 AM to 10:15AMDEV103: Cloud LoB Extensions with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
10 AM to 6 PMShow floor opens. Location: Hall G, Level 1. Explore zone. PODs: EZ39, EZ42, EZ43, EZ44, EZ45, EZ46
10 AM to 11 AMINT826: Road Map Q&A: SAP API Management
10:30 AM to 11:30 AMDEV200: Using Cloud Foundry?Based Features of SAP HANA Cloud Platform
11 AM to 12 PMDEV830: Road Map Q&A: SAP HANA Cloud Platform
11:45 AM to 12:45 PMDEV102: Extending SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
1 PM to 2 PMDEV827: Road Map Q&A: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
2 PM to 3 PMDEV113: Building Extensions on SAP HANA Cloud Platform ? Lessons Learned
2 PM to 3 PMDEV830: Road Map Q&A: SAP HANA Cloud Platform
2 PM to 3 PMDEV201: IoT Developer Experience for Building IoT Applications Efficiently
2 PM to 4 PMINT263: Building an SAP Fiori App Using APIs from SAP API Management
2 PM to 4 PMDEV263: Get Your Hands on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Internet of Things Services
2 PM to 4 PMDMM263: Install, Deploy, and Use SAP ASE on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
4:30 PM to 5:30 PMTEC202: Develop Differentiating IoT Scenarios Using a Microservice Architecture
4:30 PM to 6:30 PMDEV262: Develop Business Services with Cloud Foundry on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
5:45 PM to 6:45 PMITM212: Lifecycle Management for SAP HANA Cloud Platform Applications
6 PM to 8 PMNetworking Reception- Show Floor, Hall G, Level 1
8 PM to 9:30 PMDemoJAM- Live Studio, Hall G, Level 1
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