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With the release of the sapconf blog series (sapconf - A way to prepare a SLES system for SAP workload a lot of people approached me with questions about how both tools relate to each other. So I thought it would be a good idea to publish a small post about it.

What is the purpose of both tools?

Sapconf is a simple tool to make only the most important changes on a SLES installation to run SAP applications. It neither distinguishes between SAP applications nor implements entire SAP notes.
It removes the big rocks. No more, no less.

Saptune is a more elaborate tool. It can apply entire SAP notes (as far as it possible) and offers prepared combinations (solutions) of notes.
It is shipped with a commandline tool to easily apply SAP notes or solutions as well as simulate and verify chanages made to the system.

Can I use both tools?

Sapconf is part of SLES, so only sapconf can be used.
By contrast "SLES for SAP Applications" provides a choice between sapconf and saptune. However, although both tools could be installed together, only one can be used at a time since both use tuned.

Is sapconf deprecated?

The warning shown in the logs even by recent versions is a bug and will be fixed in one of next versions.

What are the future plans?

After reworking sapconf, we now do the same with saptune. We expect to have the new version ready later this year, but I cannot promise anything.