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-The archiving tool SAPCAR-

Create a new folder example: C:\usr\sap\exe


  • ccmagent_8-10007259.sar
  • SAPCAR_5-20002092.exe
  • saposcol_16-10007259.sar


Look for latest kernel! See link:

How to  SAP Note No. 212876

  1. ntscmgr.exe
    install saposcol -b C:\usr\sap\exe\saposcol.exe –p service

Sapcar  will unpack  .sar files

–xvf <sar_file_name>

Installation Under Windows

Before the installation, ensure that you have
installed the specified Microsoft security patch in accordance with the
instructions in SAP Note 1375494.

Additionally you will need to install the latest
version of the Microsoft Runtime used by SAP (see SAP Note 684106) otherwise
you will be not able to execute the executable at all.

  1. 1. The SAPOSCOL working directory (path
    \\host\saploc\PRFCLOG) needs to exist

on the host. If it does not already exist, create it,
e. g. by creating the directory

C:\usr\sap\PRFCLOG, and releasing the directory sap as
a share with the name saploc.

  1. 2. Copy the archive SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR to a temporary
    directory (e.g C:\temp\saphostagent.sar).
  2. 3. Decompress the SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR archive with the
    SAPCAR tool. Take SAP Note 212876 into account when doing so. Normally, you use
    the following command  for decompression,
    and execute it in the directory of the archive:


  1. 4. In addition, the archive contains the saphostexec
    program. Install

SAPHOSTCONTROL by entering the following command:

  1. saphostexec.exe -install

  1. 5. In the next step, enter the password of the sapadm
  2. 6. After the installation you can delete the temporary

del /s "C:\temp\saphostagent.sar"

-xvf SAPHOSTAGENT141_141-20005735.SAR

SAPCAR: processing archive
SAPHOSTAGENT141_141-20005735.SAR (version 2.01)

x hostagent.lst


x ldappasswd.exe

x ldapreg.exe

x librfc32.dll

x librfc32.pdb

x libsapacosprep.dll

x libsapdbadactrl.dll

x libsapdbadactrl.pdb

x libsapdbdb6ctrl.dll

x libsapdbmssctrl.dll

x libsapdbmssctrl.pdb

x libsapdboractrl.dll

x libsapdboractrl.pdb

x libsapdbsybctrl.dll

x libsapdbsybctrl.pdb

x lssap.exe

x ntlibsapacosprep.pdb

x ntlibsapdbdb6ctrl.pdl

x ntlssap.pdb

x ntsapacosprep.pdb

x ntsapdbctrl.pdb

x ntsaphostctrl.pdb

x ntsaphostexec.pdb

x sapacosprep.exe

x sapcar.exe

x sapcimc.exe

x sapcimc.pdb

x sapcontrol.exe

x sapcontrol.pdb

x sapcpp47.dll

x sapcrypto.dll

x sapdbctrl.exe

x sapevents.dll

x sapgenpse.exe

x saphostctrl.exe

x saphostexec.exe

x saposcol.exe

x saposcol.pdb

x sapstartsrv.exe

x sapstartsrv.pdb

x sldreg.exe

x sldreglib.dll

x xml71d.dll


SAPCAR: 45 file(s) extracted



Check under Servces : SAPHostControl  and SAPHostExec

c:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\work\