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In November, we had a great session with Thomas Volmering (Head of Product Management & Solution Engineering, SAP Workflow Management), who shared very valuable insights about how SAP Workflow Management fits into the whole SAP Strategy of the Intelligent Enterprise.

As we all know, a lot of organizations are currently transforming their business processes. Thomas explained from his experience in more that 20 years with SAP, that around 80% of these business processes are standardized and running well. But the remaining 20% of non-standard processes are challenging for our customers and hence are often not setup in a sustainable way, not fitting well to the organization and result in manual and cost intensive workarounds.

That’s where SAP Workflow Management is of great value for our customers to automate and extend their processes.

But as usual, technology becomes much more valuable when you add relevant use cases and content to it. Thomas explained that, apart from integration and user experience, content is one of the topics where the SAP Workflow Management teams are focusing on. Various Live Process Packages can be used to implement use case specific content with very limited effort.

As Thomas showed in the demo, you can easily add a content package to your workspace in the Process Flexibility Cockpit. Like this, the demo showed impressively how close and simple the connection is from the workflow to the development environment:

When using the preconfigured content, you don’t have to deal with the implementation underneath or with the underlying data model – it all comes out of the box. You can really focus on adapting the workflow to your business needs and configuring the required process variants.

Let’s have a look at an example: As of today, Sales order approval is for many companies an email based process, that is time-consuming and involves a lot of manual steps. Auto-approval processes can of course reduce manual work, but any automation must fit to the compliance rules. Therefore, business experts can use the preconfigured content and easily adapt the workflow rules to their specific needs.

With SAP Workflow Management service, you can automate and simplify this process: The workflow automatically does the required sanity checks. In a decision table, you can define which criteria are relevant for either auto-approval (e.g. for small deals) or forwarding it for an individual approval in case of bigger deals or other company-specific criteria that needs exception handling.

Like this you have a sustainable and integrated solution for your individual process extension.

About what we can expect for the future, Thomas provided some insights into the strategies for low-code/no-code, Process Automation and AI based decision support. If you want to know more about that, have a look at the below listed community pages or listen to the recording of the recent TechEd sessions.

In case you are interested in the demo, you can listen to the recording.

Here you can find the slidedeck that was presented.

In the TechEd session DEV104 you can meet Thomas again and get more insights into how to achieve Hyperautomation in your Business with SAP Process Automation.


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