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Product and Topic Expert

Mobile Work Order Management for SAP Systems

Key Features of SAP Work Manager 6.0

This release of SAP Work Manager offers a great range of functionality:

  • Access to asset location, repair history, work order details and materials needed in real time
  • View and Create Work Orders, Operations, Measurement Documents , Material Confirmations and Set Order Status
  • Create Notifications, Tasks, Items and Activities
  • View and Execute Inspection rounds with PRT, Wizard driven Measurement Points reading
  • View Linear Asset Data for Orders, Operations, Notifications, Functional Locations, Equipment’s, Characteristics and Measurement Readings
  • Create and Assign Linear Assets to Orders, Operations, Notifications and Items.
  • Upload and Download Attachments to Work Orders, Notifications, Equipment’s and Functional Locations
  • View equipment, functional locations, characteristics, measuring points, measurement readings.
  • Report Time & Attendance (CATS)

Preconditions & Procedure

Please take a look at the implementation and user's guides for SAP Work Manager 6.0 regarding hardware and software requirements, and check the implementation instructions.
For the latest version of the installation guide, see the SAP Service Marketplace at -> SAP Components -> SAP Work Manager.

SAP Work Manager 6.0 for SMP 2.3

Work Manager 6.0 release notes

SAP Work Manager Software Pre Requisites


Work Manager 6.0 Base Version (w/o Inspection Rounds and LAM):SAP ERP 6.0 EHP0 Support Package 15

(SAP_ABA 700 SP18+, SAP_BASIS 700 SP18+, SAP_APPL 600 SP15+)

Install the following ABAP AddOns in ERP System:

SMFND 610_700

SMERP 610_700

Work Manager 6.0 with LAM & Inspection Rounds: SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5 Support Package 03

(SAP_ABA 702 SP06+, SAP_BASIS 702 SP06+, SAP_APPL 605 SP03+)

Install the following ABAP AddOns in ERP System:

  • SMFND 610_700
  • SMERP 610_700

Base SAP Work Manager 6.0 with Meter Management Component (SAP Meter Manager 1.4)

Install the following ABAP AddOns in ERP System:

  • SMFND 610_700
  • SMERP 610_700
  • SMISU 610_700

Upgrade from existing Work Manager 5.X


  • SMFND 610_700 Installation Package 
  • SMFND 610_700 Upgrade Package    

Reference note: 1936049- How to upgrade ABAP AddOn SYCLO 3XX_700 to SMCRM 610_700  (Steps are similar for Work Manager 6.0)

Note: - Both .SAR files should in same queue before importing.


Windows Mobile 5, 6, and 6.5

Win 7 & 8 OS along with 32/64 bit Desktops, Laptops, and
Tablets (Please note : The Windows 8 support is restricted to Classic UI, and not for touch or gesture supports)

Apple iOS versions 4.3 and later

Android: Phones 2.3 and above; Tablets - 3.x and above
(Please note : There could be potential SSL certificate issues if you use SAP
Work Manager 6.0 with Android versions below 4.0. You may need to brand the
client along with a certificate in order to use the SAP Work Manager 6.0


  • SMFND 610_700 Installation Package: 
  • SMFND 610_700 Upgrade Package:    
  • SMERP 610_700 Installation Package:  

Add-on downloads link (Software download center)

SAP Mobile Solutions

POST Installation BC SET activation

/SMERP/SAP_WORK_MANAGER_60_REF ( Work Manager 6.0 base)

/SMERP/SAP_WORKMGR_60_EHP5_REF ( Work Manager 6.0 with LAM & inspection rounds)

Activate switch /SMERP/EPH5_EAM_BUS_FUNC if you’re using LAM  -  (SFW5)



SAP-WM-6.0-Installation.pdf in English (Note : All User guides are available in all supported languages )

SMP 2.3 Documentation

Reference SAP Notes

1913103    SMP 2.3 SP03 Release Notes Information

1928478    Release Restrictions Note - SAP Work Manager 6.0

1936034    SAP Work Manager 6.0 ABAP AddOn Installation Master Note

1828657    Release strategy for the ABAP add-ons SMFND, SMERP, SMISU, and SMCRM

2048221 - Quick Start Guide to install SAP Work Manager 6.0 with SMP 2.3 (Agentry)