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Chart Extensions for SAP Buisness Intelligence (SAP Lumira, Design Studio)

SAP Lumira is a self-service visualization tool for analyzing data, creating visualizations and sharing your story with others. SAP Lumira includes many types of charts. But we know that there are always these cases, when you want a specific custom chart to help tell your story.

No worries. We've got you covered.

That’s where chart extensions come in. All you need is a friendly JavaScript developer, an idea for a chart extension and VizPacker to help create and package your extension.

An added benefit is that SAP Lumira chart extensions can also be used in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.4 or later.

What is VizPacker?

VizPacker provides an extension framework with an associated API that lets you customize existing visualizations or develop your own visualization extensions and integrate them with SAP Lumira or other products. VizPacker is a browser-based utility that helps you to create and package an extension by combining together JavaScript, CSS and a test CSV file.

VizPacker is available in two ways:

  1. An online version is included as a plugin for SAP Web IDE.
  2. An offline version for Google Chrome is included with SAP Lumira, desktop

VizPacker for Web IDE is the preferred way to develop extensions as of SAP Lumira 1.24. Why? It has all the capabilities of the offline version but supports developing in additional browsers, is easier to debug your code and can also create additional script files so you can separate out your code into smaller modules which provides better maintenance. A more detailed comparison is available at SAP Web IDE VizPacker Plugin vs. Lumira VizPacker Utility.

Getting Started with VizPacker

Try this Hello World blog example by dong.pan which covers:

  • Enabling the VizPacker plugin in SAP Web IDE
  • Creating a "Hello World" extension
  • Packaging the extension
  • Installing the extension into SAP Lumira
  • Using the extension in SAP Lumira

    Porting Visualization Extension from SAP Lumira VizPacker Utility to SAP Web IDE

    Read this Migrate VizPacker-based Lumira Visualization Extensions to Web IDE blog by dong.pan that shows how easy it is to migrate/port an extension.

    In addition read the following Migrate Bullet Chart from Lumira VizPacker Utility to SAP Web IDE VizPacker Plugin - Part 1 blog by raz.korn that provides a detailed porting example for the Bullet chart visualization extension.

    Wondering what's new in VizPacker? New

    SAP published on the 30th of July 2015 version 1.13.x of  SAP Web IDE and 1.1.6 of the VizPacker plugin.

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