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SAP BigData Engineering is innovating rapidly and in this blog we want to announce the release of SAP Vora1.4. And yes, let us start off with the name change. We have removed the “HANA” in the product name and now it is called SAP Vora! This means we are offering more and more features for the native Vora standalone use cases but the integration to HANA is a key element as well.

Let us quickly look at the key features delivered in SAP Vora 1.4

  • Enhanced and Optimized in-memory relational engine – takes advantage of the Transaction Coordinator (TxC) for running cross engine joins when combining queries with other engines like Time Series, Disk engine etc.

  • New and improved Modeler UI – Added support for Graph engine and Document Store. Also introduced new visualizations for validating (Data Preview) Analytical data models (views, cubes)

  • SAP HANA connectivity is one of the key features in Vora and with the 1.4 release we have improved the native voraodbc connectivity to deliver secure Kerberos connectivity between HANA and Vora.

  • SAP Cloud Platform BigData Services (fka Altiscale Data Cloud) will support SAP Vora as the Interactive SQL engine, this will be available under the Early Adopter Care program for interested customers to sign up. You can find more details about this on SAPNote 2443688

  • Finally, with each new release of Vora we are focusing on the performance optimizations and with this release we have achieved faster loading times during data ingest into Vora engines (relational, disk, time series etc.) and also during query response times. Watch this space for more blogs on performance.

Interested in learning more about Vora1.4? Register to the webinar series (registration required for HANA International Focus Group IFG) where we share more in detail about this release