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With keynote demos, hands-on sessions, lecture sessions, road map and lightning talks, and UX pod visits; SAP TechEd Bangalore was a packed and exciting week for SAP User Experience teams. This blog is a summary of some of the highlights from the event. Most of our content was aimed and showing our customers and partners how to make SAP Fiori adoption easier with a variety of tools.

Keynote: Simplifying SAP Fiori development with SAP Business Application Studio Extensions

SAP TechEd Bangalore kicked off with a keynote by SAP’s Chief Technology Officer, Juergen Mueller. He spoke about building the Intelligent Enterprise, highlighting several end-to-end business processes with intelligence built in. It was the most technical keynote of the 2019 SAP TechEd season, featuring demos on API Business Hub, ABAP development tools in Eclipse, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Analytics Cloud, and conversational AI integration.

The SAP Business Application Studio demo was SAP UX Engineering’s contribution to the keynote. In the demo, conrad.bernal demonstrated how to build an SAP Fiori overview page in five minutes. He did this using an extension in SAP Business Application Studio to generate an SAP Fiori elements application. He then demonstrated how to add cards (a new SAP Fiori 3 concept) displaying business critical data to the page using an extension that guided development and automatically provided the required code.

You can watch the keynote here. The SAP Business Application Studio demo begins at 43 minutes and 28 seconds.

Hands-on sessions: Spending time with SAP Fiori elements and SAP Screen Personas

Attendees looking to get hands-on time with SAP Fiori elements and SAP Screen Personas had plenty of options. rohith.deraje, reshmaravinandana.varma, and Arun Kumarasamy led the SAP Fiori elements sessions, providing attendees with the opportunities to build and personalize a wide variety of applications: overview pages, list reports, analytical list pages, and more.

On the SAP Screen Personas side, mohanraj.nanjappan and Conrad Bernal hosted sessions on turning a sales order display transaction (VA05) into an SAP Fiori analytical application that runs on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Lecture sessions: Getting up to speed on SAP Fiori elements and SAP Screen Personas

For attendees looking to learn about SAP Fiori elements and SAP Screen Personas, there were three sessions available.

In UX104, Mohanraj Nanjappan and Conrad Bernal introduced two methods for creating SAP Fiori applications: SAP Fiori elements for new business scenarios and SAP Screen Personas for existing SAP GUI transactions. They provided demos of both tools and walked through a framework for picking the best option for different use cases. You can view a replay of the session from SAP TechEd Las Vegas here.

In UX207, prasita.prabhakaran provided an overview of SAP Fiori 3 and how SAP Fiori elements can help users create a comprehensive SAP Fiori user experience. You can see a replay of the session from SAP TechEd Las Vegas here.

In UX103, Rohith Deraje led a deeper dive into SAP Fiori elements. He began the session with a brief introduction to the tool and then demonstrated how to personalize the application through the use of annotations. You can watch a replay of the session from SAP TechEd Barcelona here.

Road Map and Lightning Talk sessions: All about SAP Fiori 3

Enthusiasm for SAP Fiori 3 manifested itself as overflowing sessions for the latest iteration of SAP’s design system. Focusing on a consistent user experience across products and processes, as well as integration and ease-of-migration, the concepts behind SAP Fiori 3 resonated strongly with attendees.

Conrad Bernal led roadmap sessions on the drivers behind SAP Fiori 3 – consistency, intelligence, and integration – and how SAP plans to develop solutions with these principles in mind. He also capped off the conference with a talk on the role SAP Fiori 3 plays in creating the Intelligent Enterprise, looking at how technologies such as a digital assistant, machine learning, and AI will play a role in SAP’s user experience looking forward. You can find a replay of that session, taken from SAP TechEd Barcelona here.

SAP User Experience Pod: Design and Develop SAP Fiori Apps

The UX pod provided SAP User Experience teams the opportunity to interact with customers and partners to understand how they are working toward the SAP Fiori experience. Some highlights:

  • There was a lot of enthusiasm around the SAP Business Application Studio demo in the keynote. Developers were excited learn more about the extensions used to simplify SAP Fiori app development.

  • Building consistent applications with SAP Fiori elements was also popular. Developers wanted to learn more about when to choose from the available floorplans.

  • SAP Screen Personas sessions were inspiring to developers that wanted to provide the SAP Fiori experience to users running classic transactions. A common question: “I know SAP Screen Personas works with SAP S/4HANA, does it also work on ECC?” The answer is yes!

Thank you

The experiences shared by customers, partners, and colleagues are what make SAP TechEd such a lively and educational conference. Coming from the SAP side, we say thank you to everybody that attended our sessions, visited our pod, and sparked up conversations on the show floor. Until next year!

For SAP UX Engineering,

Conrad Bernal