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Greetings from SAP!

SAP TechEd is coming to Bangalore in November 28 to 30.
This event comprises of a lot of sessions, we thought segmenting them as different journeys would make it easy for you to plan your time while at the event.

Journey #1: The Beginner or Transitioning

This is the journey for people who are

  • Transitioning from SAP WebDynpro, SAP Enterprise Portal content creation to latest UX technologies

  • Jump start their career as UX champion

Attend all the basic introductory sessions on SAPUI5, SAP WEBIDE and showfloor pods. Attend the handson workshops on creating basic SAP UI5 or SAP Fiori applications.

Journey #2: Be the UX Transformation Champion

Attend all the UX strategy and roadmap sessions. Learn about all the new innovations on SAP Co Pilot, SAP Inscribe and others. Be part of all the Design Thinking Sessions.

Journey #3:  Developers

Persona 1: Mobile Developers for the Digital Enterprise

Focus on native app development related sessions be it on iOS or Android.

Persona 2: Designing and Developing SAP Fiori Applications

Join sessions around SAP Build to know more about design led development process.

Attend sessions on SAPUI5, SEP WEBIDE and SAP Fiori Elements to learn more about the innovations happening in the space of Fiori.

Journey #4: Implement and run Great UX

Attend the sessions sharing best practices and implementation options for SAP Fiori. Know more about providing central point of access for all the content via SAP Fiori Launch Pad and SAP Portal. Also explore migration possibilities

And the showfloor is going to be buzzing with loads of pods and sessions. You can always stop by and learn about what is happening overall in SAP world.

See you soon @ SAP TechEd Bangalore!

Save the dates!

Las Vegas: October 2–5, 2018

Barcelona: October 23–25, 2018

Bangalore: November 28–30, 2018

You can know more about the journeys in

Some recommendations from my side.

Journey #1: The Beginner or Transition 

CGE372 Evolved Best Practices and Tips for Working with SAPUI5 Learn how to build a freestyle app in the cloud using SAPUI5, following our latest recommendations and updated best practices. Develop apps quickly and efficiently with the evolved tools in SAPUI5, new controls and features, and updated application templates. Understand how to structure your app code to get the maximum out of recent and upcoming framework improvements. Hands-On Workshop (4hr)
CGE200 The New User Experience in SAP S/4HANA Cloud SAP S/4HANA Cloud is moving quickly on providing a new user experience. Get an overview of all the innovative new ways you can interact within SAP S/4HANA Cloud, including natural language interaction using the SAP CoPilot digital assistant or the SAP Mobile Cards mobile app. Check out the UI theme designer in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Lecture (1hr)
CGE207 All About SAP Cloud Platform Portal and the Transition to Cloud The SAP Cloud Platform Portal service lets you build digital experience portals for employees, customers, and partners. Gain insight into the various capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform Portal and its road map. Learn how to transition your SAP Enterprise Portal component to the cloud and discover tools that support the transition. Lecture (1hr)
CGE100 Create the Best Experiences for Users: SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker For a successful digital transformation, you need to offer the best experiences to all your users. Learn how the cloud-based experience maker services enable you to design and build optimized apps running in browsers, on mobile devices, and across all other digital touchpoints. Discover how you can best engage the users already in your current landscape – today. Lecture (1hr)

Journey #2: Be the UX Transformation Champion

CGE209 Driving Innovation with SAP Design Thinking and SAP Leonardo Learn how the SAP Leonardo approach and the SAP Design Thinking methodology can solve your business challenges in an innovative way. By applying the proven SAP Design Thinking methodology, you can identify how your business will benefit from technologies and capabilities offered by SAP Leonardo. Explore the engagement process for SAP Leonardo, find out how it applies to you, discover the outcomes you can expect for your business, and see real customer examples. Lecture (1hr)
CGE101 How to Improve Your UX with Design Thinking Why is design such an important topic for today? What is design thinking and why should companies care? Few organizations need convincing that better user experiences matter. However, that doesn’t automatically lead to change. Design can be a way to transform your company. Discover the proven practices that enable you to develop a customer-centric business and encourage user adoption. Learn how you can build better software for your users by applying the proven SAP Design Thinking methodology. Lecture (1hr)
CGE203 SAP CoPilot: An Overview SAP CoPilot is your digital assistant and bot integration hub the for the enterprise. It provides a humanized user experience for your SAP applications by offering a conversation UX that enables you to get work done in the context of your business data. Create business objects and perform transactions through conversation. Use it everywhere – on your phone, in an SAP application, and on external channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Lecture (1hr)
How to Design SAP Fiori Apps You would like to build a Fiori application that is optimized to effectively support your users in their daily work? This code-free workshop will introduce you to processes and methods which will help you design exemplary user-centered applications. You gain an overview over the design process followed by SAP’s development teams. During the course of the session you are going to  develop a Fiori prototype hands-on based on the Fiori Design Standards. Design Thinking Session (2 hr)
How Should we Design Ethics into Intelligent Enterprise Software Digitalization technologies like AI already started to influence human society. Challenges rise e.g. for the labor market and data privacy. Visionary minds warn against potential long-term risks. Digital Ethics can be a suitable answer, covering aspects of corporate responsibility and human values. We will discuss challenges and opportunities from ethical questions concerning business software, and how they can be transformed into new Design Principles. Design Thinking Session (2 hr)
CGE202 SAP Inscribe: Bringing Digital Ink to Life By combing the natural experience of pen and paper with system intelligence, the SAP Inscribe mobile app provides a new way to interact with your business data. You can explore data by writing, scribbling, or doodling, and receive intelligent, rich responses. Dig deeper by changing values, drilling down into charts and tables, and modifying queries to see the interlinked data intelligently updated in turn. SAP Inscribe gives you the fluidity and flexibility to work naturally and intuitively. Lecture (1hr)

Journey #3:  Developers

Persona 1: Mobile Developers for the Digital Enterprise

CGE215 How to Design Great Native Apps with Fiori for Android SAP Fiori for Android is the design language that unifies our deep understanding of business user needs based on SAP Fiori with the principles of Material Design and the capabilities of the Android mobile platform. With the addition of Fiori for Android, SAP Fiori is available and adapted across the most popular devices and platforms used in enterprise. You will see what is available in Fiori for Android and how you can sue the design language to drive great native mobile UX for your business. Lecture (1hr)
CGE636 Build, enhance native mobile apps with Mobile Development Kit Experience how to build and customize an enterprise application with Mobile Development Kit. Mobile Development Kit, part of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, enables developers to build native, cross platform mobile applications in a highly productive environment.  In this codeJAM, you will customize an existing application with new features. CodeJam mini-editions (1hr)
CGE217 Experience Enterprise Mobile Apps with SAP and Android SAP has recently released significant innovations in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services targeting the Android platform. This demo-oriented session is for developers who want to learn more about SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android, the design language for developing SAP Fiori apps for Android, and how to use the SDK and mobile services together to create elegant but powerful mobile apps. Lecture (1hr)
CGE370 Developing Enterprise Mobile Apps for Android In this hands-on session, you get the opportunity to install and use the recently reimagined SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android. We take you step by step through the process of building an enterprise mobile app that runs on Android devices and accesses SAP data. Hands-On Workshop (2hr)

Persona 2: Designing and Developing SAP Fiori Applications

Designing Applications Users Love See what happens when you involve users in application development. Learn how to uses the SAP Build tool to create prototypes quickly and validate them with users, resulting in shorter development cycles and rapid user adoption. Design Thinking Session (2 hr)
CGE218 Improve SAP Fiori Adoption with SAP Build Learn how you can design SAP Fiori apps in minutes to complete the SAP portfolio. Explore how the SAP Build tool helps you create SAP Fiori apps with a consistent design language and experience, engage with key stakeholders to maximize user adoption, and maintain the momentum by quickly putting the app into production by leveraging SAP Web IDE integration. Lecture (1hr)
CGE367 Build Your SAP Fiori App from Back End to User Interface This workshop takes you on a journey through developing a transactional SAP Fiori app from end-to-end, starting with SAP Business Suite data and ending with a functional user interface based on SAP Fiori UX. You will develop in SAP Gateway with CDS annotations to expose your data. An SAP Fiori app built with SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori elements in SAP Web IDE consumes this service. You then extend this SAP Fiori app with custom logic. Hands-On Workshop (2hr)
CGE369 Transform Your Application Requirements Process with SAP Build Learn how interactive prototypes are transforming the traditional requirement-gathering process. The SAP Build tool provides the ability to validate end-user requirements, garner stakeholder approval, and jump-start development in a fraction of the time. Hands-On Workshop (2hr)

Journey #4: Implement and run Great UX

CGE210 SAPUI5 Evolution: Gain Performance, Close Gaps, and Use New Technologies The key characteristics of the evolution of SAPUI5 are the modularization of the core framework, the availability of complementary build and development tooling, and the provisioning of an independent, simplified, and open rendering framework. All of this is possible without losing the enterprise-proven qualities of the SAPUI5 framework. This session explores how SAPUI5 has been evolving over time, what has been already achieved, and how the evolution is planned to proceed. Lecture (1hr)
CGE206 Renew Your User Experience with SAP Fiori on SAP Cloud Platform SAP Fiori Cloud provides organizations with a flexible approach to adopting SAP Fiori user experience (UX) by providing them with prepackaged content and services in the cloud. Join this session to learn about latest enhancements and how to benefit from running SAP Fiori apps on SAP Cloud Platform connected to your on-premise SAP Business Suite or SAP S/4HANA systems. Lecture (1hr)
CGE208 All You Need to Know About SAP Fiori Launchpad Find out all you need to know about SAP Fiori launchpad, the single point of entry to SAP Fiori apps for end users on different platforms and devices. Get news and recommendations from the point of view of end users as well as administrators. Lecture (1hr)
CGE365 SAP Fiori Launchpad – Configure Content and Shell Features Effectively Learn how to configure and extend SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform and on SAP NetWeaver with ABAP. You extend your launchpad by creating a shell plug-in with SAP Web IDE and making the plug-in available for the launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform and on premise. Experience the configuration cockpit for SAP Fiori as the new cloud-based, design-time tool for launchpad content and learn how to set up a central, cloud-based launchpad. Hands-On Workshop (2hr)
CGE212 Implementation Best Practices for SAP Fiori: Product Capabilities As the leading design paradigm at SAP, SAP Fiori user experience (UX) unifies the UX across SAP solutions. If you are planning to implement or upgrade SAP Fiori as an integral part of an SAP solution, it will help you to understand both the relationship between product capabilities and landscape architecture as well as the key aspects for the successful planning and execution of an implementation project. This session provides you with an overview based on both aspects. Lecture (1hr)