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On Day 2 at SAP TechEd in Amsterdam, a massive crowd showed up for a session about SAP’s technology strategy. The familiar touch points of cloud, mobile, big data and analytics were covered but with much more emphasis on how these all link to a company’s system of record – and what the impact is to CIO’s.

Challenges include:

The move towards the perimeter. Thanks to the consumerization of IT and proliferation of end points, CIO’s are expected to provide info wherever needed and gather data wherever generated.

The end of multi-year projects. Rapid business challenges and varying rates of change means CIO’s must deliver changed business processes faster while never disrupting the parts that don’t change.

The end of transactional business intelligence. Can you say, “data deluge”?

SAP’s matthias.haendly/content said there will be much more machine-to-machine (M2M) activity taking place in the near future that will require mobile user interfaces. This poses additional challenges to CIO’s who are already trying to manage more users than ever before in the enterprise. Here’s a few eye-opening stats to add perspective:

  • Over 50,000 SAP customers have used ERP 4.6 through Business Suite 7
  • This translates to hundreds of thousands of productive systems
  • Touching more than 50 percent of the world GDP

Haendly also reminded the crowd that there’s now terabytes and petabytes of data that CIO’s need to manage and that all of these challenges can be addressed by SAP's tech strategy (pictured). But none of this should distract CIO's from their primary responsibility: Protect the system of record while ensuring valuable information extends to systems of engagement.

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