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Product and Topic Expert

Though it’s a shame that we won’t have the opportunity to meet up in person this year, walk around the show floor and enjoy the evening networking activities, I am pretty excited to experience the first ever virtual SAP TechEd!

The reason is simple – this will be the most accessible SAP TechEd ever! It’s completely free and you can experience it all without moving an inch (though I do recommend doing some stretches in between sessions :P)

I’m sure you’ve already checked out our event website that provides information on the virtual format, session catalog and registration info. But if you haven’t, let me summarize the main points about this year’s SAP TechEd:

  • It’s a 48-hour non-stop experience, featuring live, simu-live and on-demand sessions

  • There are 8 specific content tracks with one overarching theme: The Intelligent Enterprise

  • Channel 1 is your gateway to TechEd. Check out the executive keynotes, get real-time recommendations for ongoing streams and engage with executives.

  • Virtual does not equal lack of interaction. Each session will have a chat functionality, so you can ask questions as you watch.

  • Hands-on sessions are now called workshops and you can complete them from the comfort of your own PC.

  • If you are familiar with our “Meet the Speaker” format, you’ll be happy to hear that we have a virtual equivalent. Join the Expert Q&A sessions for more information on your topic of choice.

An overview of all the content specific tracks is available here.

Today, I’d like to focus on the Application Development & Integration track as this is where SAP Cloud Platform has a starring role.

If you only have 1’, check out this quick intro video by yours truly.

Our main goal was to show you how SAP Cloud Platform is THE integration and THE extension platform for the Intelligent Enterprise. The innovations made in 2020 focus not only on so-called “SAP application developers”, but also help cloud-native developers outside the SAP ecosystem to build on the platform. And thanks to enhancements in low-code tooling and pre-packaged content, process owners and business experts or “citizen developers” can also get hands-on experience with integration or extension projects.

We divided the content into 5 sub-tracks and I’d like to share more information on what you can expect in each track. I’m also going to be highlighting a few sessions, but this is just to get you started. Please check out the complete session catalog to find you favorites.

  • Connect your enterprise with our intelligent SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Learn about the latest capabilities and features of the Integration Suite. The available content will help you craft and implement intelligent integration scenarios to achieve a connected enterprise. Some of the highlights are:

  • DEV202 - SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite: The Big Picture (Lecture)

  • DEV114 - Craft and Execute Your Enterprise API Strategy (Breakout)

  • DEV262 - Full Lifecycle API Platform (Workshop)

  • DEV800 - Road Map: SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite (Road Map)

  • DEV 924 - Expert Q&A on SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite (Expert Q&A)

It would not be a real SAP TechEd if we didn’t have our customers on the virtual stage right there with us. Check out DEV218 - Integration at Sika – Enabling a Digital and Connected Future to see how Sika leveraged our Integration Suite capabilities.

For more details on this subtrack, check out Gautham's blog.

  • Digitalize processes with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management

 Moving from paper-based to digital processes has never been more relevant. Learn how Workflow Management can help you transform error-prone, manual business process to automated, digital business processes to increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Some highlights are:

  • DEV207 - Digital Process Automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management (Lecture)

  • DEV213 - Integrate Experiences into Your Workflows (Breakout)

  • DEV163 - Build a Workflow from Scratch with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management (Workshop)

  • DEV803 - Road Map: SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management Service (Road Map)

  • DEV925 - Expert Q&A on Extension Suite – Digital Process Automation (Expert Q&A)

Of course, there is also a great customer success story that shows the benefits of digital process automation. Check out DEV122 - Innovation from SAP Allows Zookeepers to Spend More Time with the Animals.

For more details on this subtrack, check out Stephan's blog.

  • Establish an engaging user experience across different channels

Creating a consistent & engaging digital experience is simplified through SAP Cloud Platform services, SAPUI5 & increasing mobile capabilities. Learn all about the latest in our user experience portfolio by checking out at least these sessions:

  • DEV108 - SAPUI5 – All You Need to Know (Lecture)

  • DEV107 - SAP's UX Mobile Strategy Realized with SAP Cloud Platform (Lecture)

  • DEV164 - Developing Apps with SAPUI5 (Workshop)

  • DEV805 - Road Map: SAP's Portal Offerings and SAP Work Zone (Road Map)

  • DEV900 - Build Desktop or Mobile SAP Fiori Apps with SAP Business Application Studio (Expert Q&A)

For a peak at how an SAP customer implemented SAP Work Zone, check out DEV121 - Customer Experience at Döhler with SAP Work Zone

  • Build and manage cloud extensions using our programming models, APIs, and tools

Learn how you can leverage our services, tools and best practices to build extensions and operate them in the cloud. Get the latest on RAP, CAP, our DevOps portfolio and much more. To get you started:

  • DEV201 - Extending the Intelligent Enterprise Through SAP Cloud Platform (Lecture)

  • DEV200 - ABAP Strategy (Lecture)

  • DEV100 - DevOps with SAP: Holistic Overview and Latest News (Lecture)

  • DEV103 - SAP Cloud Application Programming Model Evolution – What’s New (Lecture)

  • DEV261 - Build Cloud-Native Extensions for SAP Solutions Based on Kubernetes (Workshop)

  • DEV260 - Build SAP Fiori Apps with the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (Workshop)

Join DEV118 - Innovate with Our Human-Centered Approach and Learn from Customer Stories to see how SAP supported 3 customers through their innovation projects.

  • Develop scalable multi-cloud applications on a secure platform foundation

Are you curious about the latest multi-cloud strategy and how migration works? Interested in Enterprise Security services? Looking for information on open source projects? Or want to know what the whole Industry Cloud hype is about? Find these topics and more in this sub-track:

  • DEV204 - Multi-Cloud Migration: Migrate Your Applications from Neo to Cloud Foundry (Lecture)

  • DEV205 - Universal Kubernetes Clusters at Scale with Project “Gardener” (Lecture)

  • DEV105 - Enterprise Security Services: Security for the Cloud Age (Lecture)

  • DEV109 - Build Industry Cloud Solutions on SAP Cloud Platform (Lecture)

  • DEV802 - Road Map: What's New for SAP Cloud Platform (Road Map)

Learn how Shell implemented their first multi-cloud projects in DEV111 - Realizing Business Value with a Multi-Cloud Platform Strategy.

Time for a recap!

As you can see, SAP TechEd has a lot to offer and you don’t need to consume it all at once. That’s another benefit of this new format – if there are 2 lectures that you really want to join, but they run simultaneously and you can’t catch the repeat, no worries! Just check back after the event and watch the video! Sure, you’ll miss the chance to use the chat feature, but all speakers include contact details in their presentations, so you can reach out in case of questions. Just don’t forget to register to get all the perks 😉

That’s all for now! Hope to “see” you in December!