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Developer Advocate
In this blog post, I wanted to share some session recommendations and some thoughts on sessions that I want to check out myself at this years’ SAP TechEd. As you already know, this years’ SAP TechEd is a free virtual 48 hour event with many hours of lecture, roadmap, hands-on workshops, as well as several other formats.  For me, it has actually been a really long time since I’ve been able to “attend” any TechEd session that I wasn’t presenting or helping out in.  I’ve executed multiple SAP TechEd hands-on sessions at multiple locations for the last 13 years, so my schedule at this event is usually pretty full throughout the day and doesn’t leave much room for personal development activities, unless having a couple drinks with friends at the bar is considered.  ?  Even at this years’ virtual event, I will be “working” most of the 48 hours doing various sessions and helping out in other sessions via chat, so again I might only be able to join a few lecture sessions at the designated times. But I’ll  catch the rest of them on my list during my December vacation with the on-demand experience.  As it appears that most(if not all) of the live hands-on workshops are currently full and waitlisted, my plan is to attempt to consume those sessions on-demand after the event as well. I know that many of them use trial software for the exercise, so anyone will be able to do these on-demand sessions and experience the same hands-on content as the live attendees.  If I run into a problem with these on-demand exercises, I can even open an issue in the session’s Github repository and interact with the session owners/speakers there to get my issues resolved.

So here is the list of sessions that I would recommend or that I’m looking forward to the most, and yes, some of them are sessions that I’m directly involved with(shameless plugs). And yes of course my recommendations will be slightly ABAP heavy.

DEV825 Road Map: ABAP

For anyone needing to understand the future direction of the ABAP language and tooling capabilities, I would highly recommend this roadmap session. In past years,  this particular session is always one of the most popular session we have a SAP TechEd.  We need to make sure we keep our skills up-to-date every year, and this roadmap session will give us glimpse of what is coming and what to prepare for.

DEV300 SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment: Overview

For those that are still unsure of what SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment(aka Steampunk)  is and why it is important, I would highly recommend this session.   I believe Steampunk is going to become increasingly important moving forward especially for those customers looking to move to S/4HANA Cloud.  So it is important for all ABAP developers to understand the what, why, and how about Steampunk.

DEV260 Build SAP Fiori Apps with the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

This is the first of the hands-on workshop sessions that I will be helping out with this year.  This session on the ABAP RESTful Application Programming(RAP) Model will take you through the levels of the application from the business object layer to the service layer, and finally you will see how to consume your services in the UI via a Fiori application.   As this has been my topic focus for most of 2020, I’m very excited to help out with this session and share what I’ve learned.  If you haven’t been exposed to the ABAP RESTful Application Programming model yet, I would recommend checking out this session on-demand.

DEV102  Major Updates on ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

I’m looking forward to this session to gain some insights on new advancements with the RAP.  The ABAP team continues to push out new features with every release, and this session should be a good overview of what has been released this year.

DEV208 DevOps for ABAP? Try the Git-Enabled Change and Transport System

This session is interesting for me as I would like to get a better understanding of how we can utilize the Get-Enabled Change and Transport System in customer landscapes.  I’ve been asked about this topic several times, and I’m hoping to educate myself a bit more on this.

DAT160 Cloud-Native Development with SAP HANA

While not ABAP related, HANA Development is still close to my heart. This session is one that I’ve been involved with over the last several years, working with Thomas Jung on a new iteration of this workshop every year with a fresh update of what’s new with SAP HANA Native Development.  As I’ve put this topic on the back burner this year, it was quite refreshing to get back into the topic.   In this session, you will dive deep into the Cloud Application Programming(CAP) model and build your application from the ground up using your SCP trial account and the SAP Business Application Studio.

DK100 Developer Keynote: All Developers Welcome

This one I’m really excited about.  For the first time, we(developers) have our very own keynote, focused on developers, for developers, by developers.  The SAP Developer Advocates team is very proud to present “All Developers Welcome!”.  Without giving too much away, we really wanted to tell a story here, about how 3 developers from very different backgrounds, can come together to create something across many different technologies utilizing various SAP products and services.  We are really excited to share our experience with you.  On a personal note,  working on this project with all the members of the Developer Advocates team was a highlight for me this year.  I am so proud and honored to work along side these guys.  Get ready for the Developer Keynote by reading about the back story in this short blog post: SAP TechEd Developer Keynote DK100 – The Story

So there’s my list of sessions I’m excited about, there are many many more sessions to choose from, and I believe there is something for everyone, so hope you can get a lot out of the event. Here’s hoping we can come together in-person for SAP TechEd 2021, cross your fingers.  ?    Finally, check out this page to find more advice from all developer advocates.