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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
dj.adams was the first from our Developer Advocates team to post his My SAP TechEd 2020 - what I'm looking forward to. I won't repeat here all the great suggestions DJ already included there, be that the Developer Keynote, the Channel 1, or Baseline Technologies. His post is a must-read!

Therefore I will focus only on what session recoordings I recommend. To not overload anyone I will follow the "Rule of Three" sharing my 3 session picks for each of the 3 data professions I am passionate about.

Data Scientists

👉 Standardized Consumption and Operation of Machine Learning in SAP S/4HANA [INT123] by priti.dhingra and abhishek.mishra, Product Managers, SAP
For most of our customers data in S/4HANA is the core of their operations. With the Machine Learning this data is the base of their innovation, 'nuff said.

👉 Performing Data Science with SAP HANA Cloud [DAT202] by christoph.morgen, Product Manager, SAP
SAP HANA is the foundation of SAP S4/HANA. And SAP HANA's embedded PAL and APL libraries are the foundation of Machine Learning projects discussed above.

👉 Application of Machine Learning Models in Real Time and at Scale [INT114] by andreas.forster, Data Scientist, and stojanm, Machine Learning Expert, SAP
If you know Stojan and Andreas from their blog posts, then you need no further recommendation. If you do not know them, then check their content here at, and you will know it is going to be no fluff not-to-be-missed session!

Data Analysts

👉 Porsche’s Innovative Data Management and Analytics Strategy [ANA120] by mhartmann, IT Project Manager, Porsche AG
This is a session by a customer. I saw Markus presenting at SAPPHIRE NOW and now I want to learn more about the nitty-gritty of their implementations of SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehousing Cloud at Porsche AG.

👉 Get the Overview of SAP Analytics [ANA101] by iver.vandezand
I am not too much into high-level overview sessions... But if it is done by Iver, then it gets my attention!

👉 Overview and Highlight of the Analytics Designer for SAP Analytics Cloud [ANA201] by jie.deng, Product Manager, SAP
It might be a developer in me talking, but a tool that allows writing a line or two of code catches my attention. SAP Analytics Cloud's Analytics Designer is such a tool for analytic applications, so count me in.

Data Engineers

👉 SAP Data Intelligence, SAP HANA Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud [DAT113] by christian86, Product Manager, SAP
It is 3-in-1! And did someone mention the Rule of Three today?

👉 SAP HANA Cloud: How to Extend Your On-Premise Landscape to the Cloud [DAT101] by taesuk.son and seungjoonlee, Product Managers, SAP
New to the Cloud? You do not need to jump all-cloud immediately. Most of the customers start their cloud transition with a hybrid landscape. Learn how to make it right.

👉 Central Data Integration and Data Science Platform at Endress+Hauser [DAT300] by Stephan Wernli, Data Scientist, and simon.kussmann, Senior Process Consultant Business Analytics, Endress+Hauser
The session descriptions says "[...] During this session, E+H shows how it is implementing AI-driven, supply-chain risk analytics with SAP Data Intelligence." I am sold.

What have I missed?

No listing of other sessions recommended by my teammates?

You'll find'em all in thomas.jung's 👉 My SAP TechEd 2020 – An Agenda From the Viewpoint of a Developer Manager

Surprisingly no listing of any multi-model session?

You'll find'em all in mathias.kemeter's 👉 SAPTechEd Sessions for Spatial Enthusiasts!

Modestly not listing any of my own sessions?

Thank you for asking 🤓 You'll find'em all here 👉

I hope you enjoyed SAP TechEd 2020!