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Learning Journeys at TechEd 2019

As in previous years, TechEd is based on the concept of Learning Journeys – each with different focus areas. In 2019, these tracks will cover various topics from digital transformation, applied sciences and user experience, all the way to data management and security. In this blog, we want to take a moment to introduce one Learning Journey in particular: Next-Gen Data Management and Data Science.

We are very excited to announce a multitude of topic areas within this Learning Journey. We want to briefly touch upon how to...

... scale artificial intelligence

... integrate and govern data

... tame data challenges

... develop next-generation cloud native applications with SAP HANA

... model and view data in SAP HANA on-prem and in the cloud

... administrate and operate SAP HANA on-prem and in the cloud

DAT1 ... How to scale artificial intelligence

Learn about the Next Generation of SAP Data Hub and SAP Leonardo Artificial Intelligence, SAP Data Intelligence, which is a comprehensive solution to scale artificial intelligence, extract value from distributed data, and deliver the best of open technology. Explore how to quickly develop ML models in either a JupyterLab notebook or graphical pipeline environment and how to automate the management and monitoring of ML models.

DAT2 ... How to integrate and govern data 

Learn how to understand, integrate, cleanse, manage, and associate your data to optimize business processes and analytical insights. Products such as SAP Master Data Governance, SAP Data Services, and SAP HANA smart data integration are covered in this journey. 

DAT3 ... How to tame data challenges 

Learn how to tame various data challenges like dealing with data growth, generating insights in a timely manner, and overcoming organizational silos by using products such as SAP Data Hub and SAP Data Intelligence. 

DAT4 ... How to develop next-generation cloud native applications with SAP HANA 

Learn how to develop applications using SAP HANA’s native development capabilities as an integral part of many customer scenarios, spanning across lines of business and industries. Sessions in this topic areas will showcase how to build applications for SAP HANA end-to-end, as well what can be achieved with technologies such as machine learning and spatial. 

DAT5 ... How to model and view data in SAP HANA on-prem and in the cloud 

Learn how data modelling continues to be very relevant in the overall context of using SAP HANA. Sessions in this topic area will detail how customers can leverage features such as Calculation Views or Plan Stability to fulfill their needs. In addition, sessions in this area will cover different tools that can be used to further increase the experience of viewing and modeling data for the customer. 

DAT6 ... How to administrate and operate SAP HANA on-prem and in the cloud 

Learn about why the administration of SAP HANA databases is an important pillar in the IT departments of customers using this technology. With the availability of Cloud-based solutions, this area is in focus for both on-prem and cloud scenarios. The sessions here deal with different topics ranging from analyzing database performance to operating system with NSE.

Further reading and resources

If we have sparked your interest, here are several important links that provide you with additional information for out different events:

  • You can get an overview of our Learning Journey and others here.

  • You can find the full session catalog and agenda builder for our Las Vegas event here.

  • You can find the full session catalog and agenda builder for our Barcelona event here.

We hope that this overview helps to provide you with helpful information about our Learning Journey for "Next-Gen Data Management & Artificial Intelligence".

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

I will close by saying that we look forward to seeing you at one of our events and by sharing with you this awesome short video by my colleague Matthias Kretschmer.