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It is suggested to use TDMS 4.0 BPL for transferring a small set of data such as selective sales orders. TDMS 4.0 BPL should not be used for large amount of data transfer such as transferring all sales orders.

Now I’ll pen down some of the most commonly-used scenarios for TDMS 4.0 BPL.

Use Case #1: You need to set up a process to transfer a set of purchase or sales orders from your production system to your test or quality system on a regular basis

You might want to transfer purchase orders or sales orders on a regular basis to the test or quality system.

To help you achieve the regular transfers, TDMS BPL provides a few standard BPL objects that you can modify to suit your processes.

Further, you don’t need to create a new package for each transfer. Instead, you can reuse the BPL migration package by updating or creating a new variant and executing the package again to transfer data for new selection criteria.

Use case #2: You need to transfer all data related to a project in the Project Systems workspace.

As TDMS 4.0 BPL is best suited for business processes-based data transfer, this turns out to be a perfect scenario for its use. Many customers use SAP Project Systems (SAP PS). SAP PS is integrated with multiple SAP functional areas. Now, many a time, you might need to use a particular project data for testing purposes. With the use of TDMS 4.0 BPL, you can achieve this easily.

TDMS 4.0 BPL comes with a standard object for the Project Systems business process. You can use this standard object to transfer all the data related to a particular project from your production system to the test or quality system.

Use Case #3: You want to transfer a set of Z tables from the production system to the quality or test system.

With TDMS 4.0 BPL, you have the option of creating a custom BPL object to transfer data from the production system to the quality or test system. This allows you to create a custom BPL object containing Z tables, which you need to transfer to the quality or test system. You can also copy a standard BPL object like Asset Master and add your relevant Z tables to the copied BPL object. In this way, you can transfer data of the SAP standard tables and your Z tables relating to a specific business process.

Use Case #4: You want to transfer master data for materials from your production system to the quality or test system.

TDMS 4.0 BPL provides several BPL objects to help with transferring master data from your production system to a quality or test system. Commonly used BPL objects for master data transfer include Material Master, Customer Master, and Vendor Master.

You can even create a copy of the standard BPL objects to create custom BPL objects to suit your requirement.

SAP TDMS 4.0 provides you with over 80 BPL objects for various business processes. To help you choose the most appropriate object, the BPL objects are grouped into the following categories:

· Master Data

· Business Process Data

· Transaction Data

· Common Subobjects

· Custom Data