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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog post has the intention to give some background information about the newly released SAP standard content for Retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository.

What is  SAP Standard Content Activation Service (SSCA) ?

SAP Standard Content Activation Service delivers a comprehensive business process content that allows you to re-model and re-imagine your business operations based on best in class industry Best Practices. Using the preconfigured prototype you can minimize deployment efforts, risks and implementation costs.

SSCA plays an important role in SAP service offerings, e.g. for advisory, roadmap, implementation...

The main goal of SAP Standard Content Activation Service is to foster an early, fast, and successful adoption of SAP S/4HANA and the digital transformation towards the Intelligent Enterprise for customers.

Thus the benefits on having content on hands surely are:

  • Faster Time-to-Value

  • Predictable results

  • Faster Adoption

  • Full Investigation


One Scope Option of this general service is the one for Retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository. This is the one I would like to describe here, so let's have a deeper look:

The content of the scope Retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository is based on predefined HANA artefacts and predefined SAC content.

What's the scope of this content?

This scope option provides content on SAP Analytics Cloud that visualizes POS (point-of-sale) data from SAP Customer Activity Repository.

It starts with an Overview page where a first view on Retail Net Sales of the actual year are provided including top regions, top locations, to weeks and top 3 locations of yesterdays sales.


The next page, Sales Analysis by Region and Location, shows live data from your POS systems & web shop across different regions and locations, merchandise categories and channels. Included KPIs are net sales amount, cost amount, gross margin amount and percentage.

You can navigate on the map to select stores and filter the KPI’s.


On the page for Basket Analysis by Week, Net sales amount, average price per transaction, number of transactions and average number of units are calculated in real time as soon as trickle feed by the POS system. You can compare week by week  (up to five different weeks are handy) and filter over the product heirarchy.


Last but no least, Basket Analysis by Week, breaks down the shopping basket to hourly levels and compare days / stores in order to deeply understand consumer behavior. Get best and slow seller views for cities and articles in the same selection.



What's the delivery approach:

During delivery, this content is shipped into the development environment on customer side (2):

In concrete, there will be SAP HANA content extracted and activated into the SAP HANA database of  SAP Customer Activity Repository in the development environment and SAP Analytics Cloud content will be shipped into the development tenant on customer side.

What to do after delivery?

To be quite clear: This content is ment to up-speed analytics projects. This implies, tha a project has to follow. It's not build to ship it as it is into production. Analytics based on POS data always need a real project due to its data volume to gain the right performance.

However, with this content you will have the possibility to start directly your prototyping for real use cases together with your business end user. From the very first, they can get familiar with SAP Analytics Cloud  having their own data on hands (in dev).


What does SAP offer to transform this content into production?

On top of the technical content described here, SAP offers the Quick-start service for retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository. In the past, we learned, that content alone should not be the only goal.

It's a bit like learning to ride a bike. Having a bike on hands is a first (important) step. But to teach how to ride a bike is even more important.

This is the goal of the Quick-start serice. Starting from the technical backbone (the bike), the Quick-start service tailors the analytics to your needs in a predefined scope and timeline. Not only readiness for production, but also Knowledge transfer across the different areas is on of the major components of this service.

I'll give you detailed information about the Quick-start service for retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository, in my next blog post.

With this, I will end this blog post. I hope you got a good impression of what the content offers and why it's worth trying it out in your own environment :).


Regards and stay curious,


#build bridges, not silos