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The SAP Solution Manager contains HTML applications which start transactions in the SAP GUI for Windows or Java. The transaction may fail to start for users who have special connection requirements. This may be the case for users who connect from outside the network where the Solution Manager system resides, and therefore require a specific SAP Router string in order to connect to the system.

We provide customizing for such situations. You can do one of the following for these users:

  • Specify a SAP Router string, or

  • Specify a system description in the SAP Logon application

In each case, you can do this for selected users or all users in your system. The Solution Manager will then always use the string or description you specify when it starts an SAP GUI transaction.

Note that even if the Solution Manager starts transactions in managed systems, you have to enter connection data for the Solution Manager system itself: the SAP GUI transaction always starts first in the Solution Manager system and then uses additional information to navigate to the required managed system.

Specify a SAP Router String

If you have users who need to access Solution Manager SAP GUI transactions using an SAP Router string, you can enter the SAP Router string in customizing table DSWPUSERPREFS. Make an entry in the following form:

  • USERID = ID of the relevant user, or "*" for all users.


  • PREFVALUE = The SAP Router string (e.g., /H/<ip-address>/S/<port>/H/)

If you have many users to maintain, consider creating a simple report to automate this task.

Specify a System Description

This may be an easier option to maintain, but you have to ensure that all relevant users maintain a uniform description for the Solution Manager system in their SAP Logon applications. Make an entry in DSWPUSERPREFS as follows:

  • USERID = ID of the relevant user, or "*" for all users.


  • PREFVALUE = The description in the user's SAP Logon application (e.g. "My SolMan System")

An example entry in DSWPUSERPREFS:

Adding a system with description "SAP Solution Manager with Router Information" in the SAP Logon:

The SAP Logon application with the new system entry:

Further Information

There are some (ancient) SAP Notes which contain this and related information:

  • 787481 - SAP GUI shortcut without SAProuter information

  • 2441973 - SSO2 logon for SAP Java GUI

  • 1447500 - Work Centers: Enable SAPGUI for Java with Mac OS X

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