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When was the last time you were asked to use a physical map while on a trip? Five years, 10 years ago?

With GPS technology serving as today’s standard in navigation, chances are that very few people have had to whip out their compass recently. While this streamlined, user-friendly approach has become commonplace in physical travel, it shouldn’t stop there. Companies seeking guidance in their journey along the path to digital transformation shouldn’t have to rely on the equivalent of a compass, or outdated paper map to help them along the way.

A business’s experience with a solution goes far beyond implementation, and is a journey that includes cycles of upgrades, extension options and optimizations that add in new touchpoints. As such, it’s time that ERP be given its own GPS system to steer companies toward realizing their true value. This ERP GPS is SAP Solution Manager 7.2. It provides you with all the information and transition paths necessary for your transformation journey.

But what about customers who are on SAP Solution Manager 7.1? Will they be forced to navigate SAP S/4HANA without the best GPS system available? No, because SAP is doing everything to help users upgrade their SAP Solution Manager 7.1 GPS to SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

To ensure a smooth upgrade process, SAP has made all upgrade information available on the upgrade landing page in the SAP Solution Manager documentation. Here, we provide users with any and all information necessary for upgrading to SAP Solution Manager 7.2. For those that would like to find an optimized reading path, SAP has designed the SAP Upgrade Navigator for SAP Solution Manager.

From Point A to Point B…

The beauty of a GPS system is that it takes the trial-and-error out of navigation, meaning you don’t need to hit a dead end to realize you’re going in the wrong direction. You simply type in your desired destination, and the system generates a fast, personalized route to get you there.

The transition from SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is just as simple. By answering a few quick questions through the SAP Upgrade Navigator, users are provided information specific to their upgrade navigation, allowing them to get to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 in the most streamlined way possible from the very beginning.

Communication is key

Another great quality of a GPS system is that it typically includes an assistant voice feature to read directions aloud, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road for the safest, fastest trip possible. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 can provide something better if you should run into a problem during your upgrade journey – real-time assistance from real SAP experts and peers.

From the beginning of the upgrade process journey to SAP Solution Manager 7.2, users are given direct access to the 7.2 upgrade support team from SAP Digital Business Services, who can provide assistance through Expert Chat, the SAP Learning Hub and SAP Jam, a cloud-based social collaboration platform. And note, Expert Chat is also available for your SAP S/4HANA system!

The ever-changing map

Once printed, physical maps cannot be changed in order to accommodate new roads, shifted routes or construction. The data bases in GPS systems on the other hand are continuously updated to reflect these changes, ensuring that you’re always following the most optimized route possible.

Upgrading to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 allows users to get on the most up-to-date system available because you can switch to HANA during your upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2. This shortcut to their HANA journey is encouraged by SAP by adding a license for the SAP HANA database for SAP Solution Manager. This combination creates a simpler IT landscape that requires less ground work and budget to support it. On top of this putting SAP Solution Manager 7.2 on HANA provides customers often with the first opportunity to gain knowledge about operating HANA in-house.

Though SAP Solution Manager 7.1 will go out of standard maintenance on December 31, 2017, upgrading to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is recommended.

Are you ready to make the move to the next generation of GPS for SAP solutions?

Visit our support portal to initiate the upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2.