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Each new Support Pack Stack (SPS) for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 features even more customer-focused innovations that improve performance and simplify processes. I believe it’s the right time to start using the word “great” to describe today’s SPS release. So start counting the ways SPS 08 = GR8!

1) Great to Integrate

If you’re seeking to integrate a range of cloud support for SAP-based hybrid monitoring scenarios, now you can use SPS 08 templates. The new template for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, for example, enables you to specify relevant interface channels for communication. Define data-collection endpoints such as HTTP, e-mail, and (S)FTP. It’s a great way to then easily access your cloud services in the landscape management database as external services.

2) Great to Participate

We did it! SPS 08’s new features include developments that come from SAP Solution Manager 7.2 fans' requests. With this initial success, the great news is that you can be part of this continuing team effort. In addition to making suggestions, track and support shared ideas from peers:

3) Great to Anticipate

With SPS 08, it’s great for developers to avoid the extra step of checking a transport in a development system prior to releasing it. The cross-reference check anticipates potential transport issues for you, before import to the target system. Adjust settings so that:

  • Incoming and outgoing transport requests automatically trigger this check.

  • Specified follow-up action commences if the check detects an error or inconsistency.

4) Great to Not Be Late

What better opportunity to upgrade from SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2? With SPS 08, you can implement the latest critical data protection and privacy measures.

Also, it’s great to stay connected to SAP Support Backbone. Avoid any technical support disruption 7.1 users still face under a plan to phase out 7.1 support by January 2020.

5) Great to . . . um, Notificate?

Okay, my spell check tells me that I just made this word up. SPS 08 allows you freedom, however, to make up your own e-mail notifications that keep your business partners informed about the status of change transactions via the Notification Framework for Change Request Management.

6) Great Time for Me to Quit Rhyming with SPS 08

There are, of course, several other great new and changed features. (More than two others, if you were expecting me to count to eight.) You can play the rhyming-association game on your own when you browse all What’s New topics for SPS 08. Later this month, I’ll update this blog with links to more-focused explanations of SPS 08 = GR8 innovations for highlighted areas such as Test Suite and Business Process Operations.