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Here myself and Vineek Gopan , would like to explain what is SAP Signavio


SAP Signavio Introduction

We are in a world of continuous Change. Changes are at fast pace, and it has an impact on our businesses, supply chain and personal lives Main challenge thus is how to adapt with this Changes in Technologies.

Transformation is the Key to adapt with these Changes. However even after investing money and time, there are still challenges to adapt to transformation journey within organization (from top management to analysts), which are: -

  1. Most of the leading organization across industries have complex processes, scattered systems and numerous business models which also contributes to the challenges face during transformation

  2. Not able to make decision /decide, because there is no way to understand what the current challenges are and how they need to tackle these challenges (Need for Insights and Recommendations)

  3. Changes are time consuming, and more understanding/experts are required for the change in process/technology

To overcome these challenges and key to success is possible with SAP Signavio

With SAP Signavio following is possible :

  • Data based insights helps to get details about complex processes along heterogenous landscapes and thus results in smooth transformation.

  • Helps in leveraging best practices

  • With input/incorporation of data from all the stakeholders helps in driving the business outcomes

  • Automate: insights, decision making, technical implementation


SAP Signavio Architecture & Process


SAP Signavio Architecture (Courtesy SAP Signavio)

1) Process Analysis and mining (Analyze and Monitor)

2) Process and Journey Modeling (Design and Simulate)

3) Workflow and Automation Execution (Rollout & Improve)



1. Process Analysis and mining (Analyze & Monitor)

It will start by analyzing and monitoring the existing business processes, to understand where it stands today in terms of how the business is running and if the processes are performing as expected.

The following are the end-to-end process analysis and Mining solutions offered by SAP Signavio:

  • SAP Signavio Process Insights- SAP Customers can connect SAP Signavio process insights with their SAP ERP or S/4 Hana systems to get business insights from the data. SAP Signavio Process insights also helps in identifying the process related shortfalls and helps in identifying the improvement areas within the existing business processes. SAP Signavio Process insights helps customers in getting an overview of the overall performance using End to End process flows, Process performance indicators (PPI), Innovation Recommendations & Correction Recommendations (Best Practice). This will help Customer can identify which business areas or processes needs to be prioritized for improvements.


  • SAP Signavio Process Intelligence- SAP Signavio process intelligence can process data from both SAP as well as non-SAP systems, SAP Signavio process Intelligence with the help of its powerful process mining capabilities is able to identify want needs to be improved based on the raw data. SAP Signavio process intelligence helps by providing visibility into the real process execution which provides insights into the previously unknown process and experience related inefficiencies. This helps Customer to Identify Process/Experience related inefficiencies & identify What improvements are required.


 2. Process and Journey Modeling (Design & Simulate):

Once the customer knows what needs to be improved as a next step the customer can leverage SAP Signavio Process Manager & SAP Signavio Journey Modeler to design and simulate operational processes and customer journeys

  • SAP Signavio Process Manager: Sap Signavio Process Manager help the customer get an inside-Out view of the business processes. SAP Signavio Process Manager helps the customer to design (make improvements/Changes to existing process) and analyze the processes, the solution also provides the customer the flexibility to compare and simulate the end-to-end flow with the changes, to see what the impacts are and to see how the new process works based on real scenarios before implementing the changes.


  • SAP Signavio Journey Modeler: SAP Signavio Journey Modeler helps the customer to get an outside-in view of the business. SAP Signavio Journey Modeler helps the customer to improve the customer experience by providing the tools which allows to design appealing customer Journeys (How the final user experience the operations -Look and feel), Once designed the customer can connect these customer journeys to the business processes & systems.


3. Workflow and Automation Execution: (Rollout & Improve)

Once the design is complete the next step is to rollout the solution to the organization, SAP Signavio Process Governance provides the customer the ability to manage and govern the rollout of the solution (Process and customer Experience). SAP Signavio Process governance provides the customer the ability to the adapt solution quickly and effectively.

On top of all the above functions SAP Process Automation provides the capability to reduce the manual and repetitive tasks with the help of iRPA (intelligent Robotic Process Automation), Workflow & Low code-No Code functions.



With ever changing world or with complex processes involved , with full & transparent insights , it helps organization to adapt faster and to  knowhow  what is happening in their businesses and involve everyone throughout the entire transformation process and finally leads to continuous innovations.
Starting with a fast and straightforward process assessment with improvement recommendations, to a deep analysis of mission critical processes, SAP Signavio increases confidence in decision-making through a data-driven approach.SAP Signavio offers business process management that literally every business needs, coupled with industry-next practices and process mining.

Please share your thoughts or feedbacks on the blog (to Vineek & myself) as how it helps you getting started with SAP Signavio.

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