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On this day 2 years ago, SAP Signavio Process Insights was launched. Since then, the product has gone from strength to strength, delivering value through a series of new features and updates. All this is made possible, firstly, by our customers' continued support. Stories like Heller's are part of the reason why enjoy our work:

"SAP Signavio Process Insights has opened up completely new ways of thinking for us. For the first time, we have a holistic overview of our business process landscape, which will enable us to make decisions based on hard data, rather than gut feeling."

- Heller -

There is also a great team, some of them behind the scenes, and others in more prominent roles, responsible for delivering and maintaining SAP Signavio Process Insights. This second anniversary gives the team a chance to show off their fun side, and it's also an opportunity for you to get to know them better.

A summer release focused on helping you to realize quantifiable value

As part of the summer SAP Signavio suite-wide release, SAP Signavio Process Insights brought the following updates:

  • Focused views: improvement opportunities for process flows

  • Value analysis of improvement activities

  • Transformation planning with solution process flows

  • SAP ERP Central Component legacy system (SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 0-6) support

  • Bookmarking and favorites to save specific pages

  • New value accelerators for the automotive industry

  • New value accelerators for SAP Ariba

  • Selection of data collection timeframe

  • Excluding personal data from data collection in ERP systems

One of the success stories of SAP Signavio Process Insights over the last 2 years has been content growth. Process flows, PPIs, Correction recommendations, and Innovation recommendations have all increased significantly. For example, we’ve seen a near 1,000% increase in Correction recommendations since August 2021:

SAP Signavio Process Insights out-of-the-box content

There are more updates planned before the end of the year that will add to the growing content in the product. 

SAP Signavio Process Insights Starter Guide

If you are new to SAP Signavio Process Insights, or would like a quick refresher on some of the main features and capabilities, check out the SAP Signavio Process Insights Get Started Guide.

Get started with SAP Signavio Process Insights

Don't yet know what SAP Signavio Process Insights does? Here's a quick recap. SAP Signavio Process Insights is part of SAP Signavio's process analysis and mining solutions, offering extensive out-of-the-box content, analytical capabilities and rapid insights on your SAP ERP processes designed to help you reduce your time-to-analysis, and ultimately, realize value much faster.

Plug and gain approach 

SAP Signavio Process Insights is part of the more comprehensive plug and gain approach, helping you to accelerate your transformation and realize continuous value.