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The gateway to a myriad of value accelerators and best practices, SAP Signavio Process Explorer is fast evolving to feature content from SAP partners. AdaPro, BearingPoint, BPM&O, Capgemini, EY, Fujitsu, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scheer, VEA and Tata Consultancy Services, have already embraced the initiative bringing their unique blend of expertise and skills to this community of practice. 

When you have a challenge and look for a solution, you go and talk to the expert, right? But what if you had access not only to the knowledge of one mentor, but to the combined knowledge of a whole community of professionals and thought leaders that understand your processes and industry?   

In mid-January, we launched SAP Signavio Process Explorer. The solution provides organizations with immediate access to a myriad of value accelerators and resources that can inspire companies in their transformational programs, help them easily find their answers and avoid the complexity of starting from a blank slate.  

We like to define SAP Signavio Process Explorer as “the gateway to the collective knowledge of thousands of projects delivered by SAP and its partner ecosystem” and this is not just a marketing buzz.  

The whole idea behind the solution is to centralize under one roof the experiential learnings and wisdom that over 20,000 SAP consultants and our partners have developed over decades of transformational projects. 

The key role of partners 

Importantly, content featured within SAP Signavio Process Explorer, - now largely authored by SAP -, will be further and progressively expanded with content from selected SAP partners who enthusiastically support our value accelerators delivery strategy.  

Particularly, SAP partners including AdaPro, BearingPoint, BPM&O, Capgemini, EY, Fujitsu, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scheer, VEA and Tata Consultancy Services are front-runners in this initiative and have already started to enrich SAP Signavio Process Explorer with their own content and best practices. 

At SAP, we have the privilege to work with hundreds of thousands of customers and we are deeply ingrained. The vision is to combine SAP’s experience in process transformation with our partners' intelligence and industry expertise, bringing to life a community of process and technology experts that not only collects best practices, but shapes new trends and drives innovation. SAP Signavio Process Explorer is the enabler to that vision, it’s the gateway to this combined knowledge.    

In a recent meeting, Robert Weller, Head of the Value Accelerator Delivery stated: “SAP partners are a natural extension of our business and value proposition. Each partner brings to SAP Signavio Process Explorer its own unique blend of expertise in SAP and non-SAP scenarios. It’s knowledge beyond the individual, it’s industry and system independent, it’s proven best practices that grow with the community itself and are constantly improved by the community”. 

The benefits for customers 

By nurturing a culture of knowledge sharing and cross-pollination of best practices, we aim to help our customers (and our partners’ customers) transform faster and smarter. 

As SAP Signavio Process Explorer evolves to include content and best practices from the SAP partner ecosystem, organizations will be able to:  

  • Access best practices from SAP and SAP partners that are innovators in their specific domains 

  • Leverage SAP partner accelerators linked to knowledge from SAP experts  

  • Benefit from a simpler, seamless experience that addresses all their needs in one single environment 

If you’d like to know more, access SAP Signavio Process Explorer now and start exploring SAP’s and our partners best practices. All you need is an SAP registered user.