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We are glad to communicate that Scheer has joined SAP Signavio’s community of thought leaders and professionals sharing value accelerators and best practices that drive change.

Over the past years, SAP Signavio has been heavily investing in collecting and developing contents and value accelerators that help our customers speed up the time to value of their transformation projects. A large variety of resources (7000+ process models, capability maps, industry specific best practices and more) can be explored via SAP Signavio Process Explorer.

As I described in my previous blog, while content is now largely SAP-authored, this is progressively being enriched with best-practices from a community of selected SAP partners.

I recently met with Scheer, one of our front-runners partners in the initiative and discussed with their Unit Lead BPM & Organizational Development, Hans-Peter Baumann, as well as with SAP Signavio’s Robert Weller, Head of the Value Accelerator Delivery, what we can expect from our combined effort and the benefits for our customers.

In this blog I’d like to summarize my findings.

What’s in store for SAP Signavio Process Explorer users

The  featured within SAP Signavio Process Explorer draw upon the collective intelligence of thousands of SAP experts, but also – and increasingly – upon the experience of SAP partners like Scheer that hold a vision and proposition which complement or extend our offer.

Scheer has started to populate SAP Signavio Process Explorer with teasers on their performanceREADY framework, an approach that supports organizations in quickly and efficiently transferring the requirements of departments, such as sales, marketing and production and procurement, into SAP S/4HANA applications.

“Our teasers within SAP Signavio Process Explorer address industry overviews and the underlying end-to-end processes, but also important transformation topics such as change management through typical stakeholder journeys. The focus is on the human and organizational component of transformation projects,” explained Scheer’s Hans-Peter Baumann.

Scheer will continue to work on industry-specific content and harmonize it. Also, they plan to intensify activities both in the area of process mining and monitoring of key metrics while delivering accelerators that will help customers organize projects more effectively, in S/4HANA transformations and beyond.

Synergies that set for the future

“I am impressed about the number of compelling initiatives that Scheer is working on, including on topics such as sustainability and the composable enterprise”, said Robert Weller during our meeting.

“The whole idea behind the composable enterprise is that digitization only adds real value when people, processes and systems work together seamlessly. We believe that digitizing manual activities is not enough and that real benefits for companies result from the meaningful interaction of these components, that constantly exchange information,” explained Hans-Peter.

“Scheer’s vision of the composable enterprise is very much aligned with SAP’s mission to enable every organization and every industry to become a network of intelligent, sustainable enterprises​,” added Robert. “Both SAP Signavio and Scheer’s efforts are heading towards helping companies become more agile and interconnected. Our combined value accelerators and best practices work as the compass guiding organizations along the journey.”

Processes and people at the center

SAP Signavio and Scheer have a longstanding partnership and have been working together since the early nineties. As Robert noted, just like SAP Signavio, Scheer have processes in their DNA and have always been on our side in process-centric implementations.

“Scheer will bring to our community of practices a wealth of process and organizational consulting expertise, as well as deep industry knowledge across a wide range of traditional and niche sectors,” he commented.

“We are united by the idea that processes and business process management are an indispensable part of a successful business model and its implementation,” added Hans-Peter. SAP Signavio’s program offers the content and the suitable platform to optimally implement this common idea of process-oriented transformation projects for our customers.”

Importantly, Robert and Hans-Peter noted, that beyond serving tier-1 organizations, both SAP Signavio and Scheer, also maintain a strong focus on the mid-market. “We never forget that small companies of today will be the large corporations of tomorrow,” said Robert. “Our value accelerators and best-practices can inspire global companies of all sizes.”

The value for SAP Signavio Process Explorer users

Scheer believes that ‘one plus one equals three’, and that communities, especially of practitioners, are always valuable as the exchange and combinations of content contain more value than the individual parts.

“Customers will benefit from the harmonization of models and terminology, as for example, industry-specific content fits seamlessly into standard best practices. In the end, this means faster and more cost-effective transformation projects with less risk,” noted Hans-Peter.

“By working with partners like Scheer, we can offer differentiation and the highest degree of specialization across industries,” added Robert.

“When you look for the best advice, you look for a person who can deliver the greatest experience in that domain, right? Well, we are able to give customers the best advice, as we don’t only share what SAP knows, but what our global partner ecosystem knows. This is a unique differentiator,” Robert concluded.

If you’d like to know more, access SAP Signavio Process Explorer now and start exploring SAP and our partners’ best practices. All you need is an SAP registered user.