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On-The-Ground Expertise: The Value of Experiential Training

When you hire consultants, you want knowledgeable experts who can hit the ground running. There’s no time for learning on your job – instead, you need instant productivity and smooth implementations that keep budgets and schedules on track.

Developing that kind of support isn’t easy, and it takes thought and foresight. SAP has revolutionized database technology with its SAP® HANA platform – but just as important, we’ve honed our talent development process to support it. Our training is designed to ensure that all SAP consultants learn, apply, and share knowledge as they increase their expertise and skill level. The result: skilled, experienced, and trustworthy partners trained to deliver the SAP products and services you need most, from day one.

Learn, Apply, Share

On their way to becoming SAP HANA experts, our consultants learn in three ways. Our foundational training provides product and technical overviews and learning plans, delivered in traditional classroom, workshop, and e-learning environments. By utilizing our knowledge management systems, consultants learn from sharing experiences with others, asking and answering questions in our forums, sharing best practices in our document libraries, leveraging our collaboration tools, and being involved in our communities of practice. But what sets SAP talent development apart is the focus on experiential learning: learning by doing through problem solving, special assignments, simulated real-world scenarios, sandbox environments, and mentoring.

The Importance of Experiential Learning

The National Training Laboratories found this “practice by doing” to be one of the most effective training methods – with participants retaining 75% of what they learn. Compare this to formal methods such as lectures (5%), reading (10%), and audiovisual training (20%) – you can see why SAP chooses to invest in this style of training. In devising our training curriculum, we studied how pilots, doctors, police officers, and other mission-critical personnel use low-risk, simulated experiences to enhance performance on the job. At SAP, we’ve created experiential learning scenarios, coupled with sandbox environments where learners can practice building models and solutions, developing essential skills before they’re needed on the ground.

We’ve developed experiential scenarios like the following:

  • In the SAP HANA sizing and architecture scenario, consultants assess the business and technical requirements of a multinational consumer products company, then design a SAP HANA system architecture to meet specific reporting needs.
  • In the SAP HANA modeling and reporting scenario for CO-PA, consultants design a CO-PA data model, then use real-world data sets to build a dashboard and reporting solution for the same multinational business.
  • In the SAP HANA RDS for Operational Reporting, consultants are given a set of business requirements and then practice deploying the RDS solution using an Amazon Cloud Image.

We work to accelerate the learning curve so that SAP consultants can be trained, gain experience, and become skilled sooner, ready to help you, our customer, solve your most pressing business challenges. Meanwhile, best practices and thought leadership help consultants benefit from others’ experience.

Fully trained, experienced consultants apply their problem solving skills to give customers better, more rapid implementations. Each SAP consultant brings the training, hands-on experience, and certification you need for true business transformation.

Learn More

Let SAP’s experienced consultants help you optimize your SAP HANA implementation. Whether you need initial advisory design or a complete implementation, SAP’s expert planning and installation services can help you streamline and accelerate your project.

To learn more about how SAP can help you deliver maximum business benefits, please visit us online.

What are your thoughts on our Learn-Apply-Share method for preparing consultants to work with your organization?

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