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We still have many SAP Screen Personas customers successfully running version 2.0. If you are in this situation, your employees are probably enjoying significant productivity savings while you have reduced the amount of training time required for people to learn SAP and improved the data quality by eliminating opportunities to make errors. But, we strongly encourage you to migrate to SAP Screen Personas 3.0 to take advantage of the many benefits it offers compared to its predecessor.

  • Better editor with more features and a more intuitive menu structure

  • Theming functions that separate the screen simplifications from the visual treatment

  • More powerful scripting engine with full JavaScript feature set

  • Templates that allow you to create multiple screens with the same structure

  • Easier deployment of Fiori-inspired flavors using the content in our Flavor Gallery

  • We are innovating rapidly in SAP Screen Personas 3.0; version 2.0 only receives selected emergency corrections


What’s holding you back from migrating?


Migration Program

To assist live SAP Screen Persons 2.0 customers that want to move to the latest system, we are launching a migration program. This is a structured methodology to guide you through the migration process based on your unique flavors and system requirements. The process includes:

  1. A kick-off call to understand what you are doing with SAP Screen Personas.

  2. We will help you take inventory of your flavors.

  • Which flavors are relevant/scope?

  • Which transactions and screens do they cover?

  • Gather statistics (# changes etc.)

  1. We will describe how to document your SAP Screen Personas project

  • what the flavors do (test case)

  • what they look like (screenshots)

  • how they do it (scripts)

  • any SAP Screen Personas 2.0 workarounds that you might want to replace with standard functionality in version 3.0.

  1. We might walk you through one or more examples to establish a best practice.

  • We will suggest which flavors to migrate and which to rebuild based on the findings in the previous steps.

  • We might show you the rebuild process and explain why it’s necessary

  • We will help you use the migration tool and make suggestions for an improved rebuild where appropriate

  • We will help you validate that migration worked (by comparing against test cases from the earlier steps)

  1. Answer questions regarding configuration and roll-out, since SAP Screen Personas 3.0 configuration is very different from version 2.0

  2. Provide a summary report of the overall migration process


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Customer must have flavors that are live on SAP Screen Personas 2.0. We will only help migrate flavors that your employees are using to simplify real business problems.

  • SAP will review your SAP Screen Personas 2.0 flavors in your environment (after the initial planning call, we will ask you to open an OSS message to provide system access)

  • SAP will provide advice on things to look out for and suggestions for a successful migration

  • Customers will be responsible for migrating their own flavors.

  • Customers need to plan their migration phases (not all flavors should be done at once – you follow a similar staged process when building new flavors)

  • Customers should be ready to upgrade their system as required during the migration process. If issues arise, the fix could be in the migration tool, SAP Screen Personas client or on the kernel side.


Please let us know when you want to get started. We have experts ready to assist you. You can email me using my first name dot last name at


For the SAP Screen Personas product team, peter.spielvogel.