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SAP Screen Personas is a user experience tool that allows users to create personalized Dynpro and Web Dynpro ABAP screens called flavors. The product’s latest release, service pack 09 (SP09), is now available and makes it even easier to deliver the SAP Fiori user experience.

SAP Fiori is SAP’s design system that provides a consistent and holistic user experience for SAP software. This latest SAP Screen Personas service pack has a little something for everyone, both users developing screens and the end-users working with them every day.

SAP Screen Personas SP09 delivers a better flavor building process for users creating screens, as well as providing some helpful tools that improve the work experience for end-users. The new features delivered with SP09 fall into three general areas:

  • Usability improvements for end-users

  • Providing greater flexibility with tables

  • Streamlining the flavor building process

Usability improvements for end-users

Providing a delightful user experience is what makes SAP Screen Personas a key tool for bringing the SAP Fiori UX to your organization. SP09 delivers several features designed to streamline the day to day activities of end-users.

One feature, originally only accessible in SAP GUI for Windows, but now made available in Slipstream Engine is copy & paste functionality from tables. Users can copy information from a table in a flavor and paste it into the application of their choice. SP09 also adds type ahead functionality, streamlining data entry.

Type ahead functionality accelerates data entry and reduces the risk of user error.

Providing greater flexibility with tables

Customer feedback plays a huge role in feature development for SAP Screen Personas — the development of Slipstream Engine was a response to customers asking for mobile functionality.Leading up to the development of this service pack, we received lots of great feedback about how we could make working with tables even easier, fulfilling the SAP Fiori promise of delightful screens. Taking that feedback to heart, we’ve now added several new options for personalizing tables.

With SP09, users can set the number of table rows visible on screen to optimize the use of screen space for different devices, as well as change the color of alternating rows to improve readability. Users personalizing screens for desktop use cases can also choose whether users should scroll through tables or page through them. Optimizing flavors for different roles is another way SAP Screen Personas helps provide the SAP Fiori user experience.

Flavor developers can now set how users navigate through large tables to provide the best possible user experience.

Streamlining the flavor building process

For business analysts and other IT professionals using JavaScript to automate actions, we have streamlined the script-writing and maintenance experience in SAP Screen Personas SP09 with the inclusion of global scripts in the scripting window. Now, flavor builders can simply write a script, mark it as global, and reuse it across flavors. While this was previously possible using the admin transaction, the new functionality in SP09 allows users to stay on the current screen and focus on the task at hand. Not only does this speed up flavor development by helping users avoid rewriting identical scripts across similar screens, it also creates a convenient, central location to maintain scripts.

Global scripts simplify the coding experience of SAP Screen Personas. Users can write a script and set it to be reusable across other screens and scenarios.

Learning more about SAP Screen Personas SP09

This is only a small sample of the new features available in SP09. If you’d like to learn more about the new service pack, take a look at this blog by Peter Spielvogel: SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP09 now available. New optimized data handling. If you prefer video summaries, we also have one available: Productivity Power Play 64: SP09 Release.

SAP Screen Personas and the SAP Fiori user experience

As mentioned previously, customer feedback plays a large role in SAP Screen Personas development. Our time at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 made it clear that customers are committed to embracing the SAP Fiori UX. These customers are at various points in their SAP Fiori journey, with some already on SAP S/4HANA and others still on ECC. Regardless of where you are in your user experience transformation, SAP Screen Personas remains a fast and easy way to deliver the SAP Fiori experience if you’re starting with an existing scenario covered by an SAP GUI transaction code.

SAP Screen Personas delivers the SAP Fiori use experience for existing business scenarios.

If you’d like to learn more about SAP Screen Personas, its planned future direction, and its support commitment; please see our April 2019 roadmap update.