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Orlando, Mexico City, The Hague. These and other big cities are the venues for SAP Sapphire 2022. People are travelling again. SAP customers, users, partners, and  decision makers are meeting face-to-face  on a scale that has been unknown in 2021 and 2020. Yet, a lot is different –– and will perhaps never be the same again.

SAP Sapphire is a “hybrid” event, partly on site, partly virtual. Yes, we are still dealing with the virus. But of course that's not all. Global developments in recent months and years are pushing us to find innovative solutions for working together in more flexible, sustainable, and resilient ways.

I can hardly think of a time where it has been more necessary than now to take SAP’s unparalleled industry power and put it into a mobile business suite that can help the world run a little bit better. That’s why we have reframed our mobile strategy in time for this year’s SAP Sapphire, where SAP’s mobile offerings play a vital role. Last week at the first on-site event in Orlando, Florida, we've been sharing our latest app developments with our customers and I'm happy to say they loved the reimagined Suite approach, the fresh design and the features that we offer, and on which we will continue to work intensively.

Human, mobile first, and more “wanna use” feeling

For some time now we have been looking at how mobile consumer products have already affected all our lives. How we all stay connected, find our ways, support each other. Then we have induced what has become indispensable for mobile users –– first-class experience, on-device intelligence, and contextual awareness –– into crucial SAP business processes. To help people master the challenges global supply chains are facing today, in every industry. But also, to simply make people get their jobs done: with the fastest, most intuitive technology available. Mobile first, whenever it makes sense.

With SAP Mobile Start, we fulfill that promise with a native entry point on Apple and Android devices that’s truly human-centric (Android version available beginning of June). The app offers exactly what a specific persona needs to take the right action at the right time, for example, when receiving a critical notification about a production issue on a watch. With recently launched apps such as SAP Warehouse Operator, SAP Direct Distribution, and the upcoming SAP Ariba Shopping, we further underline the claim of offering the most comprehensive digital supply chain solution from planning to delivery. And with our appealing design philosophy, I am certain that we have a strategy at hand that approaches people and businesses where they are. Using SAP becomes more motivating and effective across all solutions.

New promotion video on the reimagined digital supply chain with SAP mobile apps.

We are also still on a journey and not finished yet –– there are some amazing news to come. Even more I am inviting you to read our new strategy paper. Have a look at how we are building the SAP Mobile Experience. Learn about how we are developing a real suite experience. What the new UX, new intelligent features, and seamless technology as well as process integration offer you.

Get in touch with us with your feedback and your thoughts. Because it’s about improving your work life – wherever you are.

View or download the SAP Mobile Experience Strategy Paper


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