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SAP’s Business Technology Platform offers fast in-memory processing, sustainable agile services to integrate data and extend applications, and fully embedded analytics and intelligent technologies

…. "but how?" I hear you ask?

Personally, I learn best by seeing how things work or doing it myself, talking about real life experiences with people who have been through it. This is how I understand, not reading the marketing information or the theory.
Or in the words of Benjamin Franklin "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, Involve me and I will learn."

With this in mind we have created a number of hands-on interactive workshop to help you understand the value of SAP's Business Technology platform.

  • Hands-on because you get to build the applications and try out scenarios.

  • Interactive because you will be in a workshop with your peers who are at different stages of their implementation and can share valuable insights from the real world.

… oh, and the workshops are lead by SAP subject matter experts too!

Enough from me, time to sign up. Here is a list of workshops we deliver and when they will next take place.

Workshop Next event
SAP Business Technology Platform - Technical Academy
(previously SAP Cloud Platform)Over a series of workshops participants will create an incident management solution. The workshop will take you through all the steps and services involved that support the solution. Including Busines Application Studio, Workflow, Enterprise Messaging, Integration, UI5, Mobile, Conversational UI & Analytics.
Available on Request

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation  - Technical Academy

In this session on Process Excellence & Automation with SAP Intelligent RPA will not only get insights into SAP´s strategy, latest developments & roadmap in this area but also get hands-on experience on the new low-code automation platform SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0. The hands-on will be based on the SAP Intelligent RPA Trial on SAP Cloud Platform, details will be shared prior to the session. 
Available on Request

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud - Technical Academy

This virtual hands on session session is designed to walk you through the functionality of the Data Intelligence Cloud solution.
SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution that connects, discovers, enriches, and orchestrates disjointed data assets into actionable business insights at enterprise scale
Available on Request

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - Technical Academy

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an enterprise-ready, data warehouse in the cloud that runs in a multicloud environment and unites all your data sources in one solution.

This virtual hands on session session is designed to walk you through the functionality of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Solution
Available on Request

Analytics Cloud - Smart Features - Technical Academy

With SAP Analytics Cloud Augmented Analytics features (or Smart Features) users can reveal relevant, accurate, and actionable insights faster using machine learning technologies.  Users can gain insight into their data quickly and easily enabling users to discover key influencers and relationships in the data to boost performance, detect anomalies, and take remedial actions.   Please join us for this free virtual event where you will have hands-on experience using these great features
9th Sept 2021

AI & Intelligent Technology

Get hands-on experience of what SAP are doing in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, Predictive and  Intelligent Technologies
Available on Request

Analytics Cloud - Analytics Designer Technical Academy

SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer enables analytics application designers to create centrally governable analytic content, ranging from dashboards achieved through guided analytics to sophisticated Planning and Smart applications.  This amazing capability, which is part of the SAP Analytics Cloud BI standard user license, means that users can have a tailored experience suited to their analytical needs.  Please join us for this free virtual event where you will have hands-on experience using these great capability.
7th Oct 2021

SAP Analytics Cloud Technical Academy

Join us for an all day technical academy where you will have hands-on experience using SAP Analytics Cloud.  SAP Analytics Cloud is a solution that combines business intelligence (BI), augmented and predictive analytics, and planning capabilities into one single cloud environment.   Through the BI functionality empower business users to safely and securely work with governed data and create stunning interactive dashboards. Users can quickly and easily uncover and deliver actionable insights across the enterprise with intuitive self-service analytics.  With SAP Analytics Cloud augmented analytics and predictive features automatically receive strategic insights helping you to go from insight to action in a fraction of the time and avoid agenda-driven decision making by unveiling the true story of what is driving your business.  Finally, SAP Analytics Cloud enables planners to drive better business outcomes and gain full alignment across all business areas with complete collaborative planning and budgeting functionality.  Only with SAP Analytics Cloud can you make end-to-end decisions with confidence, in one single workflow from planning to insights.
22nd Sept 2021

SAP Analytics Cloud Technical Academy for Partners only

SAP Partners, please join us where you will learn all about using SAP Analytics Cloud for presales engagements; such as learning the key areas to demonstrate SAP Analytics Cloud effectively, sharing presales knowledge around SAP Analytics Cloud positioning and also learn SAP Analytics Cloud report design tricks and tips that save time and effort when creating presales demonstrations
Available on request

Predictive Planning Technical Academy

A big trend in financial planning and analysis is the use of predictive and machine learning for planners to create more accurate plans.  Planners are now able to take advantage of planning and predictive functionality using SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. This enhanced and deeper end-to-end integration of predictive analytics in planning enables you to automate the generation of baseline planning forecasts based on historical actuals, and then later continuously monitor plan attainment with real-time, up-to-date predictions.  Please join us for this free virtual event where you will have hands-on experience using these great capabilityl. 
24th Sept 2021

Click on the links to register, we look forward to helping you realise the value of your investment.

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